Friday, 8 April 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I was up the unit early today, had a load of packing to get done and off to the post office.

Once that was done, I did some more unpacking up there, then hooked up the trailer and headed for Shaston.

I got down to Bobs, loaded up with our three chairs, which consisted of 2 large swivel chairs and a large armchair, which not doubt will be back on ebay shortly. All though the large one has found its way into my new office!

We loaded up the van, and Bob drove upto my old lockup and we filled it up, along with my landrover and trailer, then we headed for my new unit. I reckon another 3 trips should do it, along with a trip to the dump!

This evening "M" came up to the unit to have a sort through some of the boxes, which was good as we have now thrown out at least 3 boxes of old paperwork etc. And, found a rake of stuff to sell on ebay! So a long but productive day. Havent got around to cleaning out the loo room or painting it yet, but there is always the weekend.

Tomorrow morning Im back up to Shaston to get another load of gear, then back to sort through it and get it stashed away.

Thankfully the roof of the office has been boarded out for storage, so all our long term storage items will be heading up there and out of the way. There is masses of space, so we should get it all up there ok!

On my way to Shaston today I spotted my first bluebells, Ive heard its supposed to be a bumper crop this year due to the warm weather we are having at the moment.

As I mentioned yesterday, everything is greening up rapidly around here. This is my favourite time of year, a time of fresh starts and new beginnings!

Our awning is definately looking empty! All my clutter has gone (apart from one box)! then its free of all my doings!

We got the cadac out tonight and cooked up a wicked pork stir fry on the flat pan. Took all of 10 minutes!

I havent had a beer/cider now in over 3 weeks, but could of walked on broken glass for a pint this evening, but I didnt give into temptation! I didnt even have a cheeky little G and T. A nice cup of tea instead!

It is paying off, my shorts which last year used to nearly cut me in half are now constantly falling down, Im forever hoiking them back up!

Well, I hope you are all out and enjoying the sun this weekend, anyone out camping?

Till later............

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