Thursday, 14 April 2011

"M" Back Home And Full Of Cold!

"M" got home early this evening and is full of cold, so she has hot footed it off to bed, Im sat out in the awning.

Even though its gone 2100 hrs its still warm enough to sit out here with a fleece on, one of the bulbs has gone on the outside light above the door, Ive got spares so will have to change that tomorrow during the day.

Having such a large awning, the other end is like the black hole of Calcutta, dont venture down there alone! So need to think of a good eco way of lighting it up! Any ideas would be welcome.

Ive been up the unit all day today, its so good having all the things I need to run the business well in one place, easy to get hold of, and with plenty of room to work.

In the office Ive now turned one of the tables into a desk top photographic studio, Ive mounted battle grey paper off of a roll, down the wall curving onto the desk top and taped securely to the desk and over the front lip. This way I can get some half decent photographs taken.

My other desk is where I work from and Ive also managed to find my books on England and Dorset which are now for the first time ever in a book case!

I seem to be getting through stock rather rapidily as well, which is a good thing at the moment, plenty more to get through before I run out though!

Out in the warehouse, Ive a table for packing items which is next to all my packing supplies, and another table where I put stock once its up for sale, should make it easy to find once the auctions have ended. (should)!

The drinks cabinet which we got for nothing last Sunday at Ashley Heath car boot is now up for sale - heres a picture of it.
The front pulls down to reveal the mirrored bar area

Front down and up!
 Do you like the way Ive blended the two pictures together? This way I can get more pictures for less money on ebay. Ebay charge 12p for every extra picture, doubling up this way means I either save money or can use loads of pictures! I use photoshop pro to do the editing.

The drinks cabinet only went up this evening so it will be interesting to see what it does, 99p start and no reserve!

Its "M"s long weekend off, so she isnt at work tomorrow, but I think she will be spending it mooching around and sneezing lots! At least she can rest and not have to work, all though there are a million and one things she could be doing for me up the unit!

Well, thats another day over with, time to have a quick check through emails then off to bed.

Till later.................


  1. smart going on the ebay photo thing. NOW use those brains to thing of an eco-friendly way to light up your awning! I'll be using my mind as well for you.

    Hmmm... fluorescent bulbs always work. Or you can go old school and light up a lantern, putting it out when you leave the room. If possible, you could make a window there to let some light in.

  2. Wow! Thats a crackin' piece of furniture. Can't believe(even though I do!) that you got that for free.Out of curiosity, would you have paid money for the items you got for free and if so how much would you have paid for the lot?And same question to the drinks cabinet? Would you have bought it and if so for how much?as a person that has no clue about antiques,if I saw it in a shop,I would think 250 would be reasonable.Bet,you'd love customers like me!

    Also what's been your best ever purchase and why?I watched the whole series of Lovejoy a while back and he's portrayed as a 'divvy'.Do such people actually exist in the antique world where they just have a knack or a gift for stumbling upon valuable items?

    Sorry for the question time!
    Feel totally free to not answer.Just questions that popped into my mind while reading. Best of luck with sale of the cabinet.Still can't believe you got it free!

  3. Jools try this

    I have two one bought from eBay and the other as a birthday treat. If you buy through eBay you would be wise to change the rubber seals as all is under pressure. They provide great light as well as heat. There is also a comforting hiss and the smell of burnt paraffin. The smell will take you back to Wildenrath either the Phantoms taking off or cleaning the springs of the Bedford with kero and oil.

  4. Hi Mark, Tilly lamps sounds like a good idea, not sure if I want to be reminded of cleaning springs again though!