Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Home Lands Ashley Heath Three Legged Cross Site Review WARNING!

We moved last Tuesday to a little site called Home Lands at Ashley Heath, Three Legged Cross in Dorset.

We have stayed here before back during the winter, we said then we didnt feel comfortable with it, but we thought we would give it another go just in case we were being daft.

First rule, always go with your instincts! We should of realised when we pulled onto the site, that a van with no number plate and with a bit of rubbish around it could only mean one thing!

But, we gave it the benefit of the doubt, and pitched up, the first few days we didnt hear or see anything from them, which was because there was no one there, then the family arrived!

We overheard the couple in the caravan next to them saying they were off as they had had enough of the noise, then as the site thinned out after the weekend we were left with screaming kids, and mess everywhere!

This was it after they had tidied up!

I really dont want to look at that lot!

Dirty nappies and tampons litter the floor!
Yesterday, I phoned through to a couple of sites and they were all fully stacked out, not surprising due to the double bank holiday, but with no where to go we thought we would stick it out.

Then one of the kids starting winding China dog up by barking at her! I asked him nicely if he could stop it, and he said that as the dog had barked first he was within his rights to bark back!

Sort of sums up the mentality nicely! I also forgot to mention that the previous night we had one of our solar powered lights go missing. You wouldnt need to be Sherlock Holmes to solve that little mystery out!

So with the red mist rising rapidly, it was either throttle the little git, or go to the site owner. The site owner said he didnt know they were back and that he would ask them to leave as others on the site had complained to him!

Well as a site owner, not knowing who is on your site is a lame excuse, and to not see the rubbish either is a total disregard for others, not to mention health implications!

A total disgrace, and I would advise anyone who is thinking of staying here to think again!

Luckily "M" managed to get hold of Rob which is "M"s Mums partner and we have pitched up in his rather large garden!
View from the awning

No neighbours!

China Dog looking regal!
So, out of the two views, which do you think we prefer!

I drove back past the site today, so much for making them move on, as their caravan is still in the same place, so the site owner obviously has no back bone, either that or likes having them on his site!

Its a shame as the site is handy for us, with a good pub opposite. But, we wont be going back there again.

Till later..............

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  1. Hi, thanks for the heads up on this site. We haven't been there but it is (or was) on our last to visit next summer. Think I will steer clear now!