Sunday, 10 April 2011

Goodbye Shaston - Last Ties Cut!

We cut our final tie with Shaston (Shaftesbury), called Shaston by Thomas Hardy today!

We cleared out the garage, all though I am back their again first thing to take all the rubbish up the dump. Im totally amazed at how much we managed to cram into such a small space! Ok, it was packed from floor to ceiling, but never did I imagine that somehow, we have managed to fill a 500sq ft unit with it all! There is hardly any floor space left!

So over the next few weeks, alot of reorganising to be done!

We were up early this morning, off to do Ashley Heath car boot, we did well, and got rid of some old tat which we had laying around the old garage. Still loads more to go! But, towards the end, one of the sellers, started ringing a bell, and shouting, "everything here free, come and get it" So "M" dashed over to see what was worth grabbing! We bagged a couple of little cups, which are rather pretty, a pewter tankard, 6 chairs and a carver, a 1930's oak drinks cabinet and a large refrectory table!

We sold the carver chair for a fiver whilst we were still there! The other 4 chairs and the drinks cabinet will go onto ebay, and will be started at 99p no reserve and the table Im keeping up the unit as its a handy size. The cups will go onto ebay as well, the pewter will be scrapped, its worth more that way.

It does seem a bit of a shame sending things off for the melting pot, but, if I tried to sell it, I wouldnt get the same amount of money. So, off to be melted it goes! The same goes for any metal these days, gold, silver, copper, brass. All off to be melted!

Thankfully we sold the monks bench that we took, otherwise it would of been a bit of a squeeze getting it all back!

Cooking on the Cadac tonight as Im typing this! I know, a bloke multi tasking! What ever next! Sorry guys!

Dinner over with and all a success, Ive got a real taste at the moment for Chilli Sauce, and seem to have it with most things! Lips are now burning well!

Off back to Shaston tomorrow morning early, a) to clean out the garage of rubbish and b) to do some descripting work for an antiques dealer. Aiming to be back at the van tomorrow evening for around 1900hrs, another long day!

So, till later................

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