Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Its All Go Here! Manic Times!

Sunday we were up at 0600hrs! This getting up early lark is starting to become a habit!

We did Ashley Heath car boot, and did better there then Saturday, what made it even better was the fact that it was only a 5 mile round trip!

Later that day we headed off out for a meal with "M"s kids just outside of New Milton, a lovely little pub called the Royal Oak, they dont seem to have a website, which is strange in this day and age, but the food was very good, so highly recommended.

"M" had a few glasses too many, you know its going to get messy when the pink tequilla comes out! I was driving!

Before we went out to the pub, I went upto to finalise the deal on the unit! We are going for it. We worked out that with all the travelling backwards and forwards to Shaston, at £10 a round trip then we would be better off saving time and paying the extra for the unit. Its alot bigger than what we currently have at 500sq ft with a built in office and loo etc. So all in all, we felt we would of been daft not to take it.

So this morning Im off up there in a bit to take the first car load up!

Just got to make it pay now! We should be ok, as its cheap enough, and having the space will make life so much easier as alot of time can be wasted by packing/unpacking and trying to find things! Its only 5 mins drive from where we are now.

"M" also gets the awnings back! No more boxes, books, bubblewrap and the like filling the place up!

So it was just a quick update, will write more later once Ive been up there!

Till later..........

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