Monday, 18 April 2011

Abbey Hill Steam Rally 29th 30th April 1st 2nd May 2011

Our passes arrived for Abbey Hill Steam Rally today! Our first show of the season - so we are both very excited campers!

We are going to get down there on Thursday around lunch time, set up the caravan, then wizz back here to get the stationary engine. Its just too much for our poor old Landy to tow the lot! We have done it, but it didnt like it, and I was glad when the journey was over! So two trips all though a pain, has got to be done.

If and when we ever get to sell the Fiat 500 we can use our replacement vehicle to tow the trailer with the engine in it, or if big enough put it in the back!

We have also just bought a generator off of ebay. The one we were after is no longer available, which is a bit of a pain as it had a higher power output, but as we only want it for charging the batteries and running the laptop, then a 1Kva generator should do the job. The leisure battery on the van is an upgraded one, and lasts 5 days running the shower pump etc, but we dont want to take the chance, plus Ill get the shakes if I cant log on!

Its the Royal Wedding weekend as well, even though Im a royalist, I doubt if Ill watch the wedding, Id rather listen to the chug of my engine and those around me than two people taking vows.

Its a long show, lasting 4 days. But, cant see it being busy on the day of the wedding, mind you, it may well be with people wanting to get away from it all!

Either way, Ill be sat out in front of the van (weather permitting) watching the world go by and talking to other engine owners!

We will be taking the little awning with us, this time last year we did the rally in our trusty 1984 2 berth abbey 212GT with a £19.99 gazebo as the awning! A class act we certainly were not! It was a fun little van, but with no a working shower on board, a water pump which was so bad that even with using the foot pump you could get more out of the tap by sucking it up with a straw! It did have its limitations! It did serve us well,  we were sad when we waved it goodbye!

Abbey Hill Steam Rally is also our the first show that we used the caravan, as we had only bought it in March the same year. That was 3 years ago. Little did we suspect back then that 3 years later we would be living full time in a caravan and loving it!

Im not the only ones who are enjoying life in a caravan, we have just heard from a couple who blame us for inspiring them to do the same as we are doing! Hi J and T! hope all is well with you and that you are settling in to your new lifestyle!

It still amazes me that what I write on here, actually strikes a chord with so many and that it has actually inspired folk to do the same is really quite something. Just dont blame me next winter when your pipes are frozen and your up to your ying yangs in mud! As Ill be in the same boat as you!

But, seriously, this life style is not for everyone. In fact for the few. But those that have taken the plunge appear to enjoy it! I know we certainly do. Just being able to sit out of an evening with nothing but fields around us, oh, and no lawn to mow is rather lovely!

Well off to check ebay, then off to bed, busy day tomorrow, on the road again! All of 2 miles!

Till later..........


  1. Hello from our caravan :)

    I dont know why we did not do this sooner!!!

    Sat in the valley surrounded by hills and cows and sheep and horses and chickens... wow who would want to live in a house! Tomorrow is the end of our first week and nothing is wearing off yet :)

    Local foods are cheaper than tescos so why bother eating that imported foods.

    Still nervous about towing but thats normal I guess as it is a beast like your 'van.

    We move to the next site in Devon (in Somerset right now) on Thursday Morning which we hae booked for 28 days, risky I know but it is adults only and a small site so it will hopefully be like here, this place has set the standard.

    We have wanted to do this for a while and your blog gave us the confidence it can be done and we jumped at the chance. We will not be blaming anyone if something does not work out, after all I am the one who swiped his debit card in the machine :)

    I am glad I got the petrol pump fixed before we left as I dont think we would have got up the hill in the Jeep to get here otherwise.

    Have a great time at the show you guys.

    Keep writing, we keep reading.

    All the best J + T

  2. So glad to hear you enjoying yourselves. Nothing like the fresh air and local food. Its what its all about!