Sunday, 17 April 2011

Getting Ready To Move! Big Awning Down

Sunday morning and we were up early, which wasnt good as I managed to put away 2 bottles of red last night, so my head wasnt in sync with the rest of my body!

Off to do the car boot at Ashley Heath, selling just books and clothes. I wouldnt say we did brilliantly but the sun was out and we have £40 extra in the pot. So £40 is £40 and in this day and age, any money is good money!

When we got back to the caravan, a quick cuppa, and we thought as the weather was good and we move on Tuesday taking the large awning down was the thing to do. So that came down, and will be going up to the unit tomorrow evening.

We took the small one down from the other side and put it back up again over the door. Its an easy one to do and doesnt take long.

Once all that was done, we fired up the cadac and using the pan holder and roasting dish roasted a joint of pork complete with crackling! Roast potatoes, sweet potatoes, mange tout, baby sweetcorn, broccoli and cauliflower. Very good it was as well, ate outside in the last of the sunshine.

Tuesday we move down the road, we have stayed there before, neither of us were that keen on the site, but we have now put that down to the fact that we were the only ones on site and felt a little exposed.

There are a few more caravans down there now, so there is likely to be always someone around.

We are only there 9 or 10 days as we are off then (as long as the passes arrive) to Abbey Hill Steam Show at Yeovil for the long weekend. Our first show of the year!

As Ive done no work today, better try and do a little bit now, so,

Till later.............

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