Thursday, 21 April 2011

Another Glorious Day Of Sunshine!

Well, what a way to work, sat out under the shade of a tree with just a gentle breeze and glorious sunshine!

This is what it is all about, the weather really has been lovely these past few days, and to be lucky enough to be able to sit in shorts and flap flips is wonderful!

The sun is just setting, its currenly streaming in through the awning door at the front of the van.

Im waiting for "M" to return from the laundrette when we will fire up the cadac and get some lamb chops on the go!

The site has steadily filled up during the day, not sure how many on site, but must be at least 9. Its a big site, so no one right next to us which is a relief.

China dog not being the friendiest of dogs tends to go off on one if anyone comes within 50 foot of the caravan! Good guard dog though so shouldnt complain too much!

I bought a small Hurrican lamp off of ebay it  arrived today, to say its small is an understatement! It looked bigger in the pictures - honest! So will be giving that a go later. Im not too hopefull about it giving off much light, but it will be pretty!

I hope that most of you are away this weekend, camping and caravaning! If not you should be, there really needs to be some major excuses as to why not!

I can imagine a couple right now, new to full timing who are probably sat outside grinning from ear to ear right now, relaxing in the glow of the evening sun!

Which is what Im going to do, but not with a glass of red, after getting through 3 bottles personally last week, I only managed to loose 1/2Lb last week! So keeping of the red wine from now on. They didnt say anything about gin though! So a cheeky G and T to kick start the weekend!

Full timing is the way to go!

till later...................


  1. That couple must be "C". Yes it's a grand life, to be sure.

  2. Not sure what the "c" means in the comment but yes we are a happy couple and we are 11 days into this. So far no complaints. A few niggles with the caravan which we went to the place we bought from and I come out with a free alko hitch lock and some other bits. We also get a free service and full valet when it goes in :)

    So no complaints and we now understand why you did this J & M


    TJ and J

  3. We too are 11 nights into full timing never even had a touring van before. But we are learning as we go and looking forward to the adventure ahead of us. Thanks for the email a few weeks ago by the way.

    Mark & Cheryl