Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Caravan Club Design Awards 2011 Special And Mobile Broadband Comparison

Just taking a look through Aprils edition of the Caravan Club Mag and included is their Design Awards pull out.

Now, there appears to be a theme going on with all the winners, its something that I find rather strange, yet all the makers seem to be doing the same thing!

Perhaps its just me, thinking like this, either that or Im staying on the wrong camp sites.

Just take a look at the seat covers, they all have cream in them! Great if you happen to want to pitch up on a sterile tarmac or concrete area, where you cant get dew on your shoes, the dog doesnt get wet feet, and the kids are certainly not to get the slightest bit of mud on them!

What sort of planet are they on? Im forever bringing mud in, so is China Dog, and "M" does her fair share as well! Let alone dropping your dinner over the seats, or spilling something onto them! I can get covered just swapping water rolls over and would probably benefit from wearing a bib at meal times!

The only one with dark seeks is the Freedom Sunseeker Classic at £6995. All the rest have cream and both the 5th wheel rigs have bloody white seats! What the hell is all that about!

Or maybe Im missing the point, perhaps they dont actually use them, they just sit them on their drives so that people can admire them?

Am I the only one who thinks that this is as practical as a chocolate tea pot!

In the same magazine I couldnt help noticing that there is a little article on WiFi, and the cost. This I find rather poor, as so many places offer free WiFi, that to charge I find rather insulting. The other thing is, ok, Im the first to want to make a penny or two, but the prices!!!

Lets compare:
Caravan Club
£5 for 5 hours
£15 for 20 hrs
£40 for 100 hrs

£2 per day
£10 - 1GB Month
£15 - 3GB Month
£25 - 7GB Month

Im with "3" and it works for me! Go get a dongle!

(Thats me on the Caravan Clubs hit list now)!

Back to our day to day life, I collected another desk for the office today, but didnt have the strength to get it out of the trailer, so thats for tomorrow. I spent the day taking photographs of the next lot of items that are going to be going on ebay shortly! All the editing has now been completed, just got to get the descriptions done and uploaded.

Ive also got around to downloading the pics I took when I moved into the unit. Ive yet to take any now that Im almost set up, will do that once the last desk is in!

I cant get the car or the trailer in now!

I just hope thats Tea stains down the wall!

Not a pretty sight when I moved in!

Now thats the definition of grim!
The office has been fully painted now, the toilet waits to be done, its functional and thats it. But I wanted to get the office done first as thats the bit that earns me money, the loo Im afraid does not!

"M" is away tomorrow night, she is off on a course and staying in a hotel. She is hoping to get a room with a large bath!

So Im off to fat club tomorrow on my own! I dont feel like Ive lost weight, but I thought that last week and lost 4.5lbs, so will find out tomorrow. Ive only had the one Chinese takeaway and a bacon and egg roll this week, last week we ate out as well!

I would be happy with a 3lb loss, will find out soon enough!

China dog is snoring on the seat, even though she has two wicker dog beds up the unit, one in the office and one outside and she has been dozing all day. She does like her sleep.

Tuna on the cadac tonight, a little g and t as well in a minute, "M" and I have been together 3 years now today. I had to be reminded of that fact! Why is it the blokes never remember these things. Im terrible at birthdays as well, if it wasnt for the fact that "M"s birthday is 9/11 I wouldnt remember that either!

I guess its because I dont do birthdays for myself, never have done, I think thats the fault of the Army, its just another day, all days are the same!

Tuna steaks were done to perfection, with corriander and lime, cooked on a high heat, with loads of salad. Lovely!

Well another day another dollar behind us,

till later....................


  1. Hi,

    Yes wifi appears to be a rip off!!

    What I have chosen to do is get a Samsung Galaxy S phone on the same mobile contract I had and with this phone I can use it as a Wifi Access Point :) So 5 computers can link to it via wifi and use the HSDPA (7mb/2mb) to get online and all within the same contract cost. 1GB a month usage but unlimited browsing, ie cap you if you stream a lot of video but leave http browsing alive.

    I intend to use my wifi home access point in the caravan and route traffic via the phone for the carvan'net :)

    I have a carputer anyway with wifi in the Jeep so of we go tomorrow. Our lives in a caravan as well lol.



  2. Yes caravans are designed for show room appeal. Get them sold to weekend campers with no real experience but with plenty of retirement money cash. They soon look tatty with those light colour schemes, and so time for a new one pretty soon. They are not stupid, to be sure.