Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Woodgreen - New Location - Simply Stunning

I managed to pack up yesterday and hot foot it over here to Woodgreen, we last stayed here at Christmas with the whole place covered in snow, and where we recorded our lowest temperature of -9.5

A bit different now! If you click on the link above to the right of the bus shelter (which you cant see) is a field gate leading into a large paddock which is where we are, note the convieniently placed pub within crawling distance, which I may add was made full use of last night!

I set up in record time, just ready for "M" to arrive from work, a quick shower then off for a bite to eat with Rob over at the pub called the Horse And Groom not a bad pub which served Stowford Press Cider not a bad pint but a little to sweet for me. Had a fair few to test for sweetness, and suffered with cider fuzz this morning!

The food wasnt too bad, wasnt brilliant, but nothing to complain about. The bill was ok as well, for three of us each having starters, main and desert (diet completely shot to pieces) plus drinks (which we had a few) only came to £90 so all in all not a bad deal. Especially as it was so close!

This morning, once the cider fuzz had worn off a little I took China for a walk around the village. It really is a lovely place with a real sense of community.
Theres the wood and the green, no prizes why its called Woodgreen!

New Forest pony, grazing wild

A picture postcard view

Horse And Groom Woodgreen
We move from here tomorrow morning, heading over to Yeovil and the Abbey Hill Steam Rally, this will be our 3rd time there and our 2nd time exhibiting!

The weather not looking too good for the weekend!

Not sure if I said, but our generator turned up yesterday as well, so that will be put to use whilst at the show, just to keep the batteries topped up!

I paid £94.00 for it, delivered, for a 1000w generator, ok, you get what you pay for, but if it lasts me a year then I will be happy, as I dont want to fork out £500 on a honda suitcase!

Will be firing it up tomorrow, so pics to follow!

Oh and guess what, Ive lost the bloody nozzle off my water pipe! After just finding out how not to get soaked Ive lost the key part! Typical!

I spent today, running around like a blue arsed fly trying to get work completed and getting ready for the show!

We have to make two trips, one to get the caravan down there, then Im coming back to get the engine, a bit of a pain, but its too much for the poor old Landrover to lugg the caravan and the engine in one go.

Tonight, Rob is coming over, we are cooking alfresco using our trusty cadac! Think Ill go easy on the cider though!

Till later...................

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  1. make sure ya organise some spare spark plugs in advance , some of them can be a pain to get a hold of as they can be non standard sizes and as fate can have it , will not start when you desparately need it