Friday, 8 April 2011

Mr Shifta - Thats Me!

It took me back yesterday, surrounded by boxes and painting! It reminded me of when we were leaving our house and setting out to live full time in a caravan!

Im amazed at how I managed to get so much into an old Victorian garage, its about the same size as a double garage, and crammed to the rafters. But, spread out in 500 square foot it seems to be taking up alot of room and Im not in half way through yet!

Im borrowing a van today, as my chairs have been in storage, since we moved, (thanks Bob) and I think he is relieved to have rid of them! Hence Im borrowing his van!

I managed to complete the painting in the office yesterday, I did take some before and after pictures, but left the camera up the unit last night, so will add them in the next post.

The unit was previously occupied by steel fabricators and the office looked liked they had been welding in it whilst making tea and throwing it over the walls!

"M" got me some Sandtex (I will check the name)? as the walls are a type of rough block. Painting these was not fun! But it looks alot better now! Its a proper masonary type paint, and I must say, one coat covered up some really bad stains. So its the one to go for if your thinking of painting exterior walls or like myself interior!

Both awnings are looking empty! Planning on bringing the bikes back, and leaving them in the little awning, got to try and locate the bike pump. All they tyres are flat (but only at the bottom) so not too bad!

Here on site, the sun is shining and the trees and shrubs are starting to green up quickly! This being our first spring in the caravan. Its amazing being this close to nature how it changes and how quickly it does it!

The fine weather is set to continue over the weekend, which will be good, not that Ill get much chance to enjoy it as we will still be busy getting everything moved over. But at least we wont get wet doing it! Always a bonus.

Well, better crack on, 0748 hrs and still sat around! "M" all ready at work! So,

Till later.........

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