Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Day 1 Of Being In The Unit!

What a day!

I half expected when I turned up at the unit this morning to find it still full of rubbish and junk as that was how it was when I viewed it on Friday. But, they did as they said they would and cleaned the place out!

The office is remaining empty untill its been given a fresh lick of paint, which Ill start tomorrow. Ive been backwards and forwards to Shaston 3 times today. Filling the car to the brim with boxes of books! All of the boxes so far today I havent even looked into yet. So hopefully there will be a few little gems in there waiting to be discovered.

Tomorrow Im off to Matchams Car Boot, but Im not going there till 0700 as last week I got there at 0600 and they didnt let us in till 0700 and its not a seriously busy place so Ill hopefully be able to cruise straight in (famous last words).

Then back to the unit, unload the trailer and take that upto Shaston and fill that as well!

Ive also got to try and find time to start listing items - not enough hours in the day!!!

Must admit Im looking forward to having an office and a dedicated place to work out of. It will make life so much easier! But it does mean being stuck inside with no view of the outside world! Mind you, tapping keys Ill be sat back at the van or out in the awning!

Ive got to be cleaned up ready for tomorrow nights weigh in at fat club! (Slimming World), I dont feel as if Ive done that well this week. Will find out tomorrow!

As its nearly 2200hrs and Im shattered, with another long day ahead of us tomorrow, Im off to bed, so

Till later..............

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