Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Moved To New Site - Move Went Smoothly!

On Tuesday, "M" went off to work and left me the the task of packing up and moving off to our next location!

Managed to get everything bolted down, or so I thought, and broke campe around 1145 hrs, 2.5 miles later I pull into our new site.

After a quick chat with the owner I have the pick of the site, so opt for as far as my lead will reach from the central EHU box.

We have stayed here before, so I knew it was lovely and level, so no need to mess around with levelling blocks for the wheels!

Got set up in record time and even managed to get a bit of work done. There is only one other van on site, but not too sure what the score is with it, as there is no number plate on it and there is a right load of junk all around it. Its a new continental type van as well, fairly small! Lets hope my suspicions dont come true!

As the weather is rather good at the moment, I set up outside, and managed a couple of hours work sat looking over fields. Then watched the sun go down behind the trees.
Looking out across the fields

Just the small awning up, only here 10 days

Sunset looking from the front of the caravan

I get the crappy chair! "China" gets the Vango chair - Somethings wrong there!
Its funny the things that can annoy you, I know that sometimes I can go off on one over little things, but I do find that site owners who let their dogs come and mooter on the site, specifically next to my van is some what annoying! Im sure they would be the first to shout if China went and mootered on his lawn! The bins here are also overflowing, not a good sign!

That apart, the sun has been shining and Ive managed to get a lot of photos edited today.

Off to fat club tonight, I really dont think Ive lost anything this week!

I went to my local village post office this afternoon, shut! They shut on a Wednesday afternoon! What with closing for lunch they wonder why they are being shut down! You need to be open to survive! Its all very well saying, but they need a lunch break, but what about people on lunch breaks needing the post office! If you take on a franchise then be available and open! This is why the country is going to the dogs, too many folk being jobsworths, with no flexibility and with a union work to rule attitude - Wake up, your going to be unemployed soon!

Then, welcome to the real world! I do feel sorry for anyone who has been made redundant, but when I hear of some of the red tape that bogs down industry and institutions then quite frankly they only have themselves to blame. And, before anyone says, yes, but Im only a small cog in a big wheel, well, so was Ghandi, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandella!

Another Green Tea to bring me back down!

Till later.......

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