Friday, 1 April 2011

Busy Day Shopping! - Laptops and TV's

Its "M"s long weekend off, which always means I get nothing done! So off we went shopping this morning, into Castle Point Bournemouth, famous for its crumbling multi storey car park!

We wanted to take a look at small flat screen TV's for the van, not because I have a burning desire to veg infront of a TV but we do like to watch a DVD every now and again. Our current portable TV, they call it portable but it weighs a ton has started making some wierd noises!

Went into argos and got a 16" flatscreen freeview dvd etc for £99 which I thought was pretty good.

"M" just received a bonus from work so the money was put towards that. Once we had done the shopping I suggested that we take a look at Currys and see what laptops they had on offer.

It didnt take long to find a laptop reduced from £399 to £229 now thats what I call a bargain, so with another dongle "M" has now got her own laptop! No excuse not to write on this blog!

On our way back we popped into see if we could catch up with the owner of some units that are up for rent. We are after somewhere closer to us than Shaston and not expensive. Thankfully we found that the units available are of a decent size and cheap and I do mean cheap! So we are taking the weekend to think about it and will get back to him on Monday. I think we will end up going for it. Its secure, with an office and toilet, and electric and water bills are included.

It does look like we will be going for it, it just seems to good an opportunity to refuse. Units like that dont come on the market that often. It would also mean we would have storage near by, and somewhere for me to work from. Which would be a massive bonus!

It would also mean I could deal in larger items! Just got to make sure that its right for us!

The weather is looking ok for Ford market tomorrow, so as long as "M" can crawl out of bed at 0300hrs then she said she would come with me! I wont be holding my breath as she doesnt like getting up at 0630hrs for work let alone 0300!

Thankfully it doesnt bother me getting up, thats the Army for you I guess! But come 2100 tomorrow night and Im off to my bed!

The cadac was used again this evening, salmon was on special offer, so that was done on it whilst "M" sorted out some wild rice with stir fry veg. Very nice indeed and extremely healthy!

Ive been good all week, not eating anything that I shouldnt of. Ive even got into a pair of trousers I havent been able to for a while!

Im aiming for a 3lb loss this week to get me down to 19 stone! fingers crossed!

Ive also got to say that this is all from someone who loves his food, and enjoys eating good quality grub. We have never been into eating pre-packed micro wave food. Its just not what we are all about. Cutting out ale/cider has helped! Oh and bread and all things sweet and sticky. But you are allowed these Alpen fruit bar type things which are rather nice! Ive found it fairly easy so far. Must admit I dont think Ive ever eaten this much fruit before in my life!

I once did the Atkins diet, but found it difficult to do, its not the easiest of diets, but with slimming world it is straight forward. I do keep asking "M" if we are supposed to be eating the things we are eating, but she assures me that we can. I guess the weight loss speaks for itself!

Ive also cut right back on milk, black coffee now and its been rather enjoyable! Strange thing is, Tea doesnt taste that good anymore! I used to drink gallons of it, but being off the milk has changed that.

Well, thats enough from me for one day, an early night tonight so

Till later.................

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