Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Slimming World Going Well (Fat Club)!

I went to Matchams Car Boot sale this morning, it was very busy with sellers, but no buyers!

With 3 times more sellers than last week, the sun shining I was expecting a good morning, but it was pretty poor, a late rush at the end with a lady buying a dozen books and I sold a framed print which made up the money.

I managed only one trip up to Shaston as well, but I took the trailer and loaded right up, so on target for cleared by Sunday evening!

It was weigh in night tonight! I wasnt expecting much as this week Ive had a Chinese takeaway, a bacon and egg roll, and a meal out last Sunday, (starter and main course). But, I still managed 4.5Lbs which brings me down to 18 stone 12.5lbs a loss of 12.5lbs in 3 weeks. Im rather pleased with that! Plenty of fish and plenty of fruit! Im aiming for a stone a month, if I do that Ill be happy.

"M" lost 1.5lbs, bringing her total weight loss to 8lbs. "M" has told me that as soon as Ive lost a stone she is giving up smoking! Guess her smoking days are numbered!

Im actually going to do some work tomorrow, all though moving the stuff down to the unit is important, whilst Im doing that its not actually earning me any money!

Ive not put anything into the office yet, one of the jobs for tomorrow is to get it painted, but Im going there to work tomorrow, will be a novelty! And to sit in my beloved cream leather swivel chair will be good as my back is starting to play up.

As always time is getting on, so,

Till later.............

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