Monday, 9 April 2012

H Is For Home

A-Z Challenge 2012

H is for Home

Home for us is a caravan! As you can see it's a long one at just over 7 metres in length. In here we have enough room for two adults and our little "China" dog!

We also have a full length awning that runs the entire length of the caravan which gives us loads of extra living space. We also have a smaller porch awning that we use when only staying in one place for a short period of time.

Above is with the porch awning and the large awning on and of course "China" dog who manages to get into most pictures!

Here we are set up with the sleeping pod attached to the left of the awning.

This has been our home since August 2010. We have successfully survived two winters so far, with the lowest recorded temperature of -11.5

Can we see changing our lifestyle soon? No, why should we. Our site fee's range from £10 to £14pn add a bottle of gas every 30 days at £24 and that's it!

Now work out what it actually costs to live in bricks and mortar and you will see a big difference!

So, home for us is a Lunar Lexon twin axle caravan and we love it!

Till later................


  1. Gypsy living, love it! Happy Alphabet :)

  2. visiting via A to Z challenge. gotta say, I love your lifestyle. would love to be able to do that one day, right now we have five kids at day....

  3. Great, love it so much that I approached my hubby with the idea lastnight,he is up for it but was a little worried, so we could start off with a small 4 berth caravan and then when we have a bit saved hopefully get a really nice caravan like yours lol. we have no kids at the mo, but hubby works full time so we would not venture too far during the week but 40 min drive is what he is looking at for work. How are they to tow, my hubby has never towed before?

  4. Hi Anonymous! Yes if yr hubby has been driving for a while then towing should not be too much of an issue for him, just take it steady and use your mirrors loads! Any help you need feel free to ask via email at no matter how daft you think the question is!!

  5. Discovered your blog through Holly Michael's post - I will just admit it... I'm green with jealousy. I love my life and know that there's no way that I could change it right now, but hubby and I plan to hit the road some day, too, and it's great to see people actually doing it and surviving. Huzzah!