Saturday, 28 April 2012

V Is For Vacancy

A-Z Challenge 2012

V is for Vacancy

There is a vacancy here, right now, just a few miles away from where you are living, for some it may be even closer!

What am I talking about?

I'll tell you, it's the great outdoors, and it is massively under used and just waiting to be explored, walked on, ridden on, led on, sat on, looked at and enjoyed.

Before we lived liked this, a green hedgerow would be something that would be a blur as you drove by it in the car, a footpath by the sea would not be walked on, a trip to the New Forest meant battling with the Grockles through Burley, and relieved when none of them ended up under your wheels!

We spend as humans, so much time cooped up in our own houses or places of work that we forget that there is the Great Outdoors.

Some embrace it, others sit in front of the TV every night. We do have a TV, but I can honestly say that we probably watch less than a couple of hours a week.

Watching the sun set is a favourite past time of ours, a beer and watching the colours of the sky change through it's purples and reds as the sun glows and lowers behind the horizon.

Watching the birds in the hedges, as they flit about, simple pleasures which cost nothing, but are priceless.

Yes, we live in a wonderful part of the world, but there is beauty where ever you look, but that is the key. You got to look!

So preoccupied with the day to day grind, we often fail to see what is really happening to our countryside and how it changes through the seasons.

Certainly living like we do, we notice this more than ever.

Who cares that it is raining, it's not pleasant getting wet, but you wont dissolve! Take a quick walk even around your garden and appreciate what you have close by. Just ten minutes of your day to witness fantastic changes to the tree's and hedges at this time of year.

It does the soul good to just take in what is happening around you, and hopefully give you some inner peace as well!

All photographs taken by myself.

Till later.....................

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  1. Beautiful photos! I get a little bit obsessed with the sky sometimes when the sun starts setting I have to watch it change or even if the sun is just coming through the clouds nicely! x