Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I Is For Ice

A-Z Challenge 2012

I is for Ice

Living on the South Coast of England it is not known for it's freezing climate, so over the last couple of winters we have been surprised to have freezing temperatures of minus double figures!

How do we cope living in a caravan in these temperatures? Wrapped up in blankets? loads of layers? hot water bottles?

No, just crank up the heating and sit in shorts and t-shirts! Yep, anyone who is cold in their caravans or motorhomes whilst hooked up to the electric is simply doing something wrong!

Our first winter we did have a waste pipe that froze solid, but with a bowl of hot water, a lot of swearing and some salt this was soon overcome.

2010/2011 winter was cold and for a long period of time, all of December we were ice bound.

We have since sold the Fiat 500 as I no longer teach people to drive. So we bought a Mitusbishi Pajero 2.8 Long Wheel Base to help out our Landrover Freelander with the towing!

The taps on the site froze up, but at the time we were local to where "M" worked so we simply filled the aqua rolls up there on a daily basis.

This was my drive into work everyday last winter, without a 4x4 you would of not got far!

This winter was easy, no snow to speak of but with some cold snaps, but I must stress that we were not cold once!

Last year when winter approached we switched our duvet for our thick winter one. That lasted one night, and for the whole of the winter we kept the summer one on! It was simply too hot with it on!

So it really is a myth that caravans are damp and cold, we are living proof that this is not the case.

Now that spring has arrived, it's starting to warm up slowly. We have had a few sunny days when both "M" and I got sun burnt, but it's raining at the moment!

Till later........................


  1. Just doing some random A-Z visiting and came across your site. I can't imagine living in a van in winter in England but you seem to have it sorted.


  2. Definitely an adventure. Enjoy the warming temperatures.

  3. Hello! I stopped by your blog from the A-Z challenge and noticed we used the same word for our 'I' posts! Hope you're staying warm!

  4. I decided to scan down for my answer about winter from K for Kitchen. Brrr.