Saturday, 28 April 2012

W Is For Water

A-Z Challenge 2012

W is for Water

Water is a basic requirement for life, and here on site it is obviously no different.

Living back at our old house we never appreciated how much water we used and wasted on a daily basis.

On site you soon realise that wasting water requires extra trips to the water point to fill up your aqua-rolls.

Now, for those of you who haven't a clue what I am on about, on site there are dotted around taps which when turned on supply clean cool fresh water.

This is then transported back to your caravan in a container, we choose aqua-rolls for this.

Aquaroll, the original rolling water carrier since 1953
We use two 29 litre rolls, there is a bigger size available, but you have to consider that a 50 litre aqua roll weighs approx 50 Kg which is bloody heavy, and "M" would struggle as would I!

If you are lucky enough to have your own tap near by you can buy kits that fit direct from the tap to your aqua roll and give you a constant supply of water. We have never stayed at a site yet where we could get near enough to a tap to be able to do this so we simply haven't bothered.

Our caravan has a kitchen sink with hot and cold running water, a full size shower, and a flushing toilet and wash basin with hot and cold water.

You can get around 3-4 minutes of hot water on one roll for your shower, and the water is scolding hot if not mixed with cold!

You don't leave the tap running when brushing your teeth either.

We get through between 2 to 3 aqua rolls per day.

This really isn't a problem to go out and fill up, we have two aqua rolls and we keep both full, so it's just a question of swapping them over.

The only problem we have had was the winter of 2010 when the taps on site froze up, but we simply went to "M"s work and filled the aqua-rolls up there. So no real issues.

Frozen pipes can happen to anyone, so we in a caravan are not exclusive to this problem.

Filling up the aqua-rolls can be inconvenient if its freezing cold or tipping down with rain, but there are worse things to do, and whilst I'm out there the few minutes it takes to fill up I take in my surroundings and enjoy noticing the changes that are taking place right under my nose.

So to some it may seem a chore, to me it's a few minutes of peace whilst I enjoy nature at it's greatest.

Till later............

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