Tuesday, 17 April 2012

O Is For Open

A-Z Challenge 2012

O is for Open

One of the reasons I started this blog in the first place was to provide a point of contact for those who are thinking of living this kind of lifestyle.

The research that we did at the beginning did not give us much of an idea as to what was actually involved in living like this.

So we decided to be as open as we could and write about our life, showing not only the good side but also the bad bits as well.

Thankfully, we have not encountered many bad bits at all, but we do tell the truth and the opinions expressed within this blog are mine. You may not like what I write, and that is fine by me, you have the democratic right to click on that red box with the right cross in it in the top right hand corner of the screen if you object to my ramblings!

However, one of the things that we do keep quiet is our location, we also never give reviews of campsites.

A number of reasons for this, if we give a great review, we find that the campsite in question becomes inundated with inquiries, fully booked, and we cannot get back on to it again!

If we give a bad review, then this could potentially follow us to our next camp site as we do tend to stay within a small geographical area. 

Only once have I ever given a bad review and made it public as it was that bad I just had to warn others about it!

Being open about our lifestyle does concern me some times. If anyone asks where we live I just give a vague general location, and never pinpoint it unless they are to be trusted. After all, our caravan could be easily towed away by a professional thief whilst we are both away at work.

If you read through this blog from the beginning you will see that I am very open, that's not to say that I tell all and reveal my day to day worries or concerns as this is not what this blog is all about.  

Mind you as the title says "Our Life In A Caravan" it is all about our life and what we do and how we do it. It may not be right, but it works for us. We keep ourselves to ourselves, cause no problems for anyone and abide by all known laws that this country seem to change and make up on a daily basis!

I have been known on a fairly regular basis to go off on tangents and write nothing about caravans or our life at that particular moment in time. But, as it's my blog I guess I can do as I please?

There you have it, O is for Open - and the opposite of Open is close.

So till later...............


  1. It is unfortunate that you have to be careful about some things with regards to your fellow humans ... but it is what it is. The thought that someone could come along and steal your home never occurred to me!

    As they say, you can never be too careful.

  2. Gosh, you really are living in a caravan. I will have to read more of your blogs.