Friday, 13 April 2012

L Is For Loo

A-Z Challenge 2012

L is for Loo

One of the frequent questions we are asked by those who have no clues at all about caravans is: Where do you go to the loo?

Usually I reply with, well, I take a shovel and find a quiet spot and dig deep!

The look on their faces are priceless!

We have a flushing chemical toilet on board, our pan swivels to get optimum foot placement. Important thing to have!

Ours holds I think around 15 litres of (using the technical term) black water or more commonly known as pee and shite!

This is then emptied out at a disposal point that all camp sites have.

This is the cassette that contains the black water, this slides out for easy transportation and is fully sealed so no mess.

Mind you it is always best to keep your mouth firmly shut whilst emptying it as you can have a bit of a splash back if your not careful! I guess your getting my drift and hope your not eating anything at this point.

Once emptied, a number of rinse outs with fresh water, then you add a couple of litres of water and a good dose of chemical additive which breaks everything down and is fragrant so no bad whiffs!

Slide it back in and your ready to do what you have to do!

Some folk may not like the idea of this, but I can honestly say that changing a babies nappy is ten times worse!

So there you have it, thats how we go to the loo!

A couple of jokes for you:

Young lad away camping with his Dad, says Dad I need a poo. Where do I go. As they were camped deep in the forest, his Dad says, son, this is the great outdoors, you can go anywhere you like! Ok his son says and off he trots. On his return his Dad says, son, where did you go then? His son replied, in your car!

A Gypsy girl on the eve of her wedding was getting a talk by her mother about the birds and the bees, her mother said to her, now remember, on your wedding night, your new husband will be wanting to be putting his favorite thing in the place where you pee. With a look of surprise the bride to be says, Mother! Why would he be wanting to put his tarmac rake into the sink!

So on that note

Till later......................

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  1. I'm popping in visiting random blogs that catch my eye from the A to Z Challenge list. We love camping although we've never owned a caravan.

    I'm your newest follower!