Saturday, 28 April 2012

T Is For Transport

A-Z Challenge 2012

T is for Transport

When we first started out on our life in a caravan, we had a Landrover Freelander 1.8 Petrol.

It did the job, but only just. Thankfully the Lunar was built using the lightest of materials so this helped it.

However, we had a problem with the four wheel drive system, the cost to replace was just not worth it, so we removed the prop shafts and it now runs on two wheel drive only. The only benefit to this is that the fuel consumption is a little better.

For towing it is now bloody useless, even just on wet grass the front wheels spin getting no traction what so ever. 

So the hunt for a replacement or rather an additional 4x4 started.

We sold the Fiat 500, which was a sad day, but it was totally impractical for living like this.

We looked at all sorts, plenty of Landrover Discovery's, but for the money we had available to spend we could only find dog rough ones with galactic mileage.

So we started to look at Mitsubishi Pajero's a Jap import, called Shoguns in the UK. We ended up with a 2.8 litre diesel automatic long wheel base with 7 seats, loads of extras, (which all work)!

I must say it's a great bit of kit, so if you are looking for a 4x4 look no further than these.

It's 18 years old, it drives like new, we just put it through it's MOT and it passed 1st time with no advisories.

Towing with it is easy, the problem you have is you can almost forget that the caravan is on the back, it could pull a jumbo jet with no probs!

Till later.............

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