Saturday, 21 April 2012

S Is For Sites

A-Z Challenge 2012

S is for Sites

We tend to do quite a bit of research on the sites that we stay on.

We look them up on the internet, see if they have a website and read any reviews, but nothing quite beats actually paying the site a visit.

As we stay within a defined geographical area this is simple to do. We just drive to the site and take a look at it.

We have a set criteria when we are looking for a place to stay. 

No commercial or large sites, in fact we only stay on sites which have no more than 5 pitches on them.

This way we have peace and quite, well hopefully!

We require electric hook up points.

We don't need showers or loo's we are fully self contained so why pay extra for these?

The other thing we look for is ease of access. When all hooked up we are almost 40ft long, and a tight and narrow entrance into the site is not good. As the caravan is our home it really is not worth the risk of damaging it on a gate post.

We also make sure that there are not too many gates to have to open and close, as I leave early in the mornings, and having that hassle is one thing I can do without, plus there is also the noise with leaving the car running whilst gates are opened and shut!

Our site fee's vary between £10 to £14 per night for which includes the two of us, China dog, the awning, two cars and electric.

Our current site charges just £10 per night including electric. Bargain! Our last site cost us just £12 per night and that included showers and loo's!

So a cheap way to live if you can put up with filling up your aqua-rolls on a daily basis and emptying out your loo every 3 to 4 days!

We are the only one's on site at the moment, so we have no neighbors at all, bliss!

This weekend we will be joined by J.E. so a few beers will be sunk no doubt! That is the great thing about living the way we do, friends can turn up and camp and have a cracking time.

I still think we are lucky, as they are doing this as a holiday, or for a short break, but we do this on a full time basis!

Since starting out we have only stayed on one site, which turned out to be a nightmare. The rest have all been great with no problems at all.

Sites vary in layout and facilities, but even the most basic of sites, have to have fresh water, and dedicated CDP ((chemical disposal point) loo emptying place) and rubbish bins. Most sites recycle, and all are kept in tip top condition.

Living the way we do would not be for everyone, but personally I love it!

Till later........................


  1. We love quiet sites too, though maybe other people don't like us too much as we tend to camp (tent camping) with a group of friends. But do try to not bother anyone else. Favourite place we go to the toilet facilities are a 1970's caravan complete with toilet, tiny washing up sink (the shower?) and bench across from the toilet with original orange cover with manky 2yr old Women's Own style magazines to read.

  2. What a cool thing to the life!
    This was a fun read.

    Coming over from A-Z.

    ~Naila Moon

  3. Do you need to book your sites much in advance, especially in high season?

    1. Yes we do, last year we had booked right through till October and we did this in April. This year we are going to chance it a bit and see which way the wind blows! We do have an emergency site we can go to when ever we want as they said they would always be able to put us somewhere! So not really worrying too much!

  4. Stopping by via A-Z. Will be fun to follow! We're looking forward to travel as well. In our case, it'll be in our airplane, with expectations of going from site to site, renting a car and staying in a motel.

  5. I've read a few of your post and it's such an amazing choice - a proper bohemian lifestyle. I've never camped and my partner hasn't since childhood (which he has amazing memories of) - my question is - do you ever have safety concerns, like being broken into? Or worries about having questionable neighbours on the site?

    1. We feel more secure here on site than in our old house! It's never an issue, as most sites are down tracks, where you have to go by a house plus gates first to get onto a site. Even on the small sites which we stay on there is usually at least another camper here, so no need to worry at all. Our caravan is also alarmed and tracker fitted. You have to be members of the clubs to gain access to the sites we stay on, so no worries about dodgy neighbours.
      All though we did stay on one site, which we decided to leave due to anti social behaviour going on, which is the beauty of living the way we do, we can choose our neighbours!

    2. Hi Guys, just a little hectic, which took us away for a couple of days! Back again now, and all is well.

  6. Hope you are both okay.
    A week now since we have heard from you, and we are missing your blog. (more addictive than coronation street,)

    Perhaps they have sent you off on a sortie abroad in your new found job as a coach driver!

    We look forward to hearing from you again very soon.

    Best wishes to the both of you, and not forgetting "China Dog"

    Allan & Gill.

  7. Oh, also, I wonder how you wash your clothes? There's not a whole lot of laundrettes around nowadays from what I'm aware... I'd love it if you did some videoblogs. A tour of your caravan, the wilderness outside, what it looks like under the awning and that sort of thing. You have a fascinating life and the idea of stopping renting and saving a lot of money doing this really intrigues me! I'll keep tuned! Great blog for those like me who have no idea about caravanning.

    1. Hi there is always a launderette around, most towns have them, so it's never been a problem. We also have a camping twin tub washing machine which will wash a couple of shirts at a time which we have been known to use, especially during the summer. So no, washing clothes is never an issue.

    2. Thanks for answering my curious questions. I might try out caravanning as a holiday thing and see what we think as I can see the appeal of it (though moving on a grim UK weather day is probably not so fun) - sitting outdoors all through the summer is probably lush! Thanks for the reply

    3. Moving on a cold wet day is great! You know at the end of it you will be in a warm dry van with a steaming mug of tea complete with doughnuts! Magical!