Friday, 6 April 2012

E Is For Electricity

A - Z Challenge 2012

E is for Electricity

A modern caravan can be powered in several ways. The easiest and simplest if by plugging into the mains - 240v (hooking up) using a specially designed EHU (Electric Hookup Cable) which plugs into your caravan and then into a mains supply on a camp site. We have a 25 metre and a 10 metre cable.

The other option we have is the battery of which I have all ready talked about in "B is for Battery", but as this is 12v it will not operate 240v equipment. But fine for lighting.

We also have a 1.2Kva generator which we have as a back up. We use this when we are away at vintage rallies, it tops up the 12v leisure battery, but also means we can charge phones and laptops.

For heating we use electric, but we do have the option of our on board gas heating system. But if you are going to use gas on a prolonged basis you must be aware that this can cause damp without adequate ventilation. 

We only use the gas heating to take the chill off if we are at a vintage rally and completely off grid, but as this is only for a maximum of 4 days. It does not cause us any problems.

Cooking is done via a 4 ring gas hob, gas grill and gas oven, so no need for electric at all. Not forgetting our beloved and much used CADAC. However, we do use an electric steamer and slow cooker.

We prefer to stay on sites with electric, last summer we did spend a summer 28 days just in a field, the location was fantastic, but it wasn't that much cheaper than a pitch with electric so not sure if we will be doing that again or not.

I certainly would not even entertain the idea of being off grid during the winter months, I like my creature comforts, and heat! 

One of the greatest myths of living full time in a caravan is that during the winter it is cold! Well, "Myth Busted" if you are cold in your caravan you are doing something wrong!

Hope that gives you an insight into how we power up, simple really. We have the advantage that if there is a power cut, we can run on our 12v system with no problems, and can also use our generator. How many households can still have light throughout, hot running water, heat and be able to cook when a power cut strikes? We can!

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  1. Wow - sounds like fun! Can't wait for the rest of the alphabet.