Friday, 20 April 2012

R Is For Rain

A-Z Challenge 2012

R is for Rain

When it rains there is nothing quite like being warm, cosy and tucked up in bed in your caravan, with the sound of the rain tip tapping on the roof.

Light showers over short periods of time are fine, but heavy down pours when the heavens open and it totally lashes down is another matter all together!

Especially when it gets windy, its like being on a roller coaster! Led in bed wondering if the awning is about to blow away along with the awning's contents! The caravan and awning creak and groan, it judders and it feels like you are actually moving about the field!

Even now after a year and a half, a stormy night still means a night of broken sleep.

The site you are on can become very water logged, where wellies are a necessity and not a fashion statement.

We have seen our awning under water, and having to tread through ankle deep water just to get to our cars.

The weather certainly does play an important part to our lives. We always check the weather for storms, frost, rain etc. Living like we do we are also a lot closer to the elements, and certainly feel more in tune with the seasons and the surrounding countryside.

Would we change any of it? No, not at all. To me it is worth every night of broken sleep to live the way we do.

Till later.................


  1. I love being in the caravan when it rains. I know too about the awning becoming a sail and rocking the caravan around in wind. This year I have not bothered putting the awning up - I reckon they are more trouble than they are worth and would rather have full light coming in on both sides of the caravan. Congrats on passing your coach test.

  2. Oh Please post some pictures. I love the caravan!