Saturday, 28 April 2012

X Is For X Marks The Spot

A-Z Challenge 2012

X marks the spot

We move from site to site on a regular basis. During the summer months with the vintage rallies we can be moving every weekend. During the winter it is every 28 days due to the current rules and regulations.

So home is really where ever we end up parking up.

It takes us no time at all to be fully set up and back to relaxing.

Our large awning takes the longest to set up at approx an hour to do these days, our first attempt took us 6 hours!

Getting ready to move takes no more than 30 mins to do the caravan and an hour for the awning.

We are moving today (Saturday) we will be moving from our current site, 100 yards down and across the road! So not far at all, so no travelling today!

In saying that we will be driving a few miles as the turn in from this direction is a little tight, so a trip around so I can get a good swing in is advisable.

I've now lost count how many times we have moved, it is all documented in our hard copy diaries, but it must be a few now!

I look forward to moving, I'm not keen on the packing up, but I like exploring around the new site, with different views etc. This will probably be the shortest move yet.

Our new site we checked out a little while back, it has showers, but we didn't take a look at those, so we will find out how good they are a little later.

Do we miss not having a definite base? Personally the answer is no, home is where ever you make it. My birth town is Shaftesbury which I always will have strong connections with, but do I miss the place? The answer again is no.

I guess since the age of 16 I have always moved on a regular basis, and so moving does not bother me at all now.

Moving house was a nightmare though, you tend to have so much clutter that you never use or need. Now, we have very little to worry about.

But we do have a little clear out and get rid of various magazines and old unwanted paperwork. It's surprising how soon it all mounts up even in a caravan.

So now off to move to our new "X marks the spot"

Till later......................


  1. I can see that this kind of living would keep the clutter down. You just can't ever let it build up, We have been in our townhome for 27 years. I have cleaned out massively several times as other family members moved in and out. Now it is just the husband and I and we still have 3 levels of so much stuff that I fear the day we have to move.

    And yet, I prefer having a home base. I love that we have lived her for so long. I hate moving to new places. So I guess I am living the life that is right for me.

    But I am sure enjoying reading about your.

    1. Wow, 27 years in the same place, I don't think I've ever lived in the same place from the age of 16 for longer than 2 years!

  2. Do a bit of caravanning myself, so know what you mean about clutter gathering...

    I often think I could take to the road for a few years.
    Good post.