Sunday, 8 April 2012

G is for Gas and Grandad

A-Z Challenge 2012

G is for Gas and Grandad

There are two main types of gas that can be used when out and about with your caravan.

The two are Butane and Propane. With out getting technical the Butane can freeze at around -2 degrees which is fine if you only use your caravan during the summer months.

However we use Propane, not sure of it's freezing point, but we have gone to -11.5 with no problems at all.

You can tell the difference between the two really easily as the Butane comes in a blue bottle and the Propane is in a red bottle.

Now, the other thing to remember is that you cannot swap the two bottles without changing the connector hoses and regulator on your caravan/motorhome.

We on average use one 6Kg bottle of gas every 30 days. These bottles cost us anything between £23.00 and £25.00

We changed to the Calor Light bottles, which when your always concerned about your nose weight of your caravan can save a bit as these bottles have plastic tops instead of metal.

You could buy bigger bottles, but campsite rules and regs state that you cannot have free standing bottles outside of your caravan. Safety first!

We use the gas mainly for cooking, either on our 4 ring gas hob, gas grill and gas oven. Or via our outdoor CADAC. Which we have documented well within this blog!

Our heating system is duel fuel, it can be run via the 240v electric supply or by flicking a switch can be run on gas. So no matter where we are we will always have warmth.

Not only that but our fridge can be run from three separate power sources, 240v, 12v or gas.

So even with no power we can still keep our ice frozen for our Gin and Tonic! How very British!

How many of you can do that in your bricks and mortar?

Now, one final type of gas which does require a mention, is of the Methane variety. Now letting rip in an enclosed space is neither big nor clever especially if you have had a heavy night on the cider and consumed large amounts of industrial strength curry!

Mind you, doing this whilst in bed first thing in the morning is a sure fire way of getting "M" up to put the kettle on to make a brew! There is always a plan!

Ive added this on even though it's now Easter Monday - In the early hours of this morning I became a Grandad for the first time!

Till later................


  1. Great post. Can't wait to see where you go with this.

  2. You will never have to worry about propane's cold temp is what keeps it a liquid until you open the valve. Happy Easter and have fun on the A-Z! You may want to turn off your word verification, it's not really necesary.

  3. I love your theme of caravan life!

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