Saturday, 28 April 2012

U Is For Up Yours!

A - Z Challenge 2012

U is for Up Yours

We started out back in August 2010 we came under a lot of negative criticism not only from family but from strangers as well!

The reaction from some family and friends really surprised us, some really positive, but a few doubted that we could live like we do, or if we did we would give up within in a couple of months.

The strangest reaction though, was from other fellow caravaners! Yes, I was shocked as well!

When we started our research into living like this, I was very active on some of the forums, trying to find out as much information as possible.

It seemed to me amazing that for those who were on a specific caravan/camping forum could be so negative and rude!

I was even told that it was unhealthy to live in a caravan! Based on what scientific evidence is still a mystery to me!

In the end the only conclusion we could logically come up with was pure and simple jealously!

This we felt was a shame, but that is human nature for you.

I was even banned from one forum! UKCampsites was the name of the site, the reason has never been explained to me, even after countless emails asking why! I haven't included a link for this site as I would not use it if it was the last site on the internet.

So for all you doubters and negative people who still do read this blog, as every now and again we get strange emails, its "Up Yours" we are happy and content living the way we are. So when interest rates rise and your struggling to pay your mortgage, but you are so stuck in your ways that you would rather drown than be thrown a life line, we will be chuckling merrily!

For those of you, like us who have struggled but can see the sense in what we are doing, get on and do it!

It's a great way to live, fun, and with no hardships to endure, other than fresh air and open spaces!

Till later.............


  1. You forget that the mods on UKCS are pretty anal about not allowing any other sites to be mentioned on their forum.

    Seem to remember at the time you were mentioning this blog quite a bit, with the offending posts being deleted regulary. Your persistance resulted in the ban.

    Not defending the actions at all though.

    1. If that was the reason a message of explanation would of been courteous, not replying to messages sent is plain rude. If I was a competitor I could understand but as I would of put many links back to their site I do feel it was rather short sighted of them.

  2. Some people find negativity everywhere! Personally I really enjoying reading about your adventures and lifestyle - both being a caravaner and also being British.

    I agree - Up Yours to the haters!

    Lisa, Random Ramblings

  3. Well done you!I have been living this way since last year, although don't have to move yet (seasonal) I agree It's a great way to live,and would not mind moving, although I too have had some negative comments, it doesn't bother me.
    I've been away for the w/end in my campervan but can't wait to get back home...roll on the summer

  4. Hi Sand, yep, we moved this weekend in the pouring rain and are currently ankle deep in water! Character building stuff - wouldn't have it any other way!