Monday, 16 April 2012

N Is For Night

A-Z Challenge 2012

N is for Night

When we lived in our bricks and mortar house in Shaftesbury, we were situated in the old part of town, our front door opened via two steps right on to a very narrow road.

As we were near the centre of town we also had the revelers on their way home from the pub and kebab house walking past our front door. Now I will be first to admit that we were part of that group of people on many a night.

But when you are trying to get some kip, voices, the remains of kebabs and worse left on your doorstep does tend to get a bit much. We also had a street lamp right outside our bedroom window!

Since moving into our caravan, we have been lucky to stay on sites off the beaten track, no noise at all, only the screece of owls, and the cry of foxes.

Dark, that dark you cannot even see your feet! No light pollution which on a clear night makes the night sky look like a brilliant collection of diamonds, shining so bright!

I can often be found late at night after taking "China" dog for her final wee just looking upwards in total awe!

How lucky we are to live like we do, whilst those who live in towns and cities cannot get a good view of the night sky. The constant drone of traffic, sirens and voices.

I know where I would rather be living!

Till later.................


  1. We live just far enough out of "town" that I have can see the beautiful night sky each morning while our dog, Clover, does her morning business. Sometimes I'm still standing there looking up at the stars and she's back at the door ready to go it.


    p.s. stopping by on the A to Z challenge.

  2. your blog really fascinates me--i must come back and catch up!

  3. I used to live in the city with the sirens and other city noises, and on my first night in the country I couldn't sleep becouse the crickets were too loud. Go figure.