Saturday, 28 April 2012

Y Is For Young At Heart

A-Z Challenge 2012

Y is for Young At Heart

I'm refusing to become old! I think becoming old is a state of mind, ok the joints may ache a bit more and it takes me longer to recover from a heavy night of drinking fine ale. Oh and I do need earlier nights!  But basically my outlook on life hasn't changed too much.

I've become more cynical over the years, but a life of experiences have molded me into who I am today.

Young at heart doesn't mean i wear my jeans hanging off my arse, nor does it mean highlighting my hair, piercing my eyebrows or talking in text speak!

But, to me it does mean that I can feel free to enjoy and express myself how I want and when I want.

I know people that are old before their time, I'm sure you do as well? When I hear things like, cant wait X Factor tonight! I could curl up and die! Whats wrong with going for a pint and having some social interaction with real people with real opinions.

Nothing wrong with staying in, we do a lot of it, but we do talk to each other, listen to music, read and enjoy each others company. We don't spend endless hours watching other peoples lives on the box.

I hope that in years to come youngsters will look at me and see me laughing and having a good time and smile and think to themselves, I hope I end up like that.

Which reminds me of a couple of older friends back in Shaftesbury. Paddy and Ron, Ron is no longer with us, he was lost to cancer, but those two had me in fits of laughter on a regular basis. A couple of old boys who enjoyed a pint and a joke. They would fit the description of "Young At Heart" perfectly.

Till later.................

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  1. I miss the Pub life. We don't really have it here in the States, not the same. I feel younger than my years as well. Some years ago I was on a teacher exchange program in Winchester and taught at Westgate School.