Saturday, 9 October 2010

Indian Summer - My Arse!

Our friend Julie came over to see us on friday evening, took us out for a lovely meal and then stayed over.

We went out for a meal, not sure if she thought that we could only bbq and burn sausages or not! We went out to the Kunchi Indian restaurant, which is at Woodlands at the back of Horton. Looks weird from the front as it looks as if it should be a garden nursery and not a restaurant due to all the greenhouses at the back of it!

The food on a whole was good, my pakora was a little dry to say the least. But, the meal did give me a side effect which everyone reaped the consequence! I had the most amazing and spectacular flatulence! Windows and roof vents open all night!

An enjoyable evening, all though a little strange as Julie has just split with her husband and they are both good friends of ours. It was odd seeing Julie on her own!

Julie, bless you Julie, normally comes out with a classic line, she didnt fail us. The restaurant was playing the radio, and Julie piped up that they should of been playing Oriental Music, the fact that we were in an Indian restaurant and so should of been Asian music was lost on her. Like the time she asked when we were out for a meal "Does that breaded white bait come battered"? She is brilliant, always comes out with something classic!

We made up the front bed for Julie, it was the first time that we had put it all together, and it is massive! Julie said that she hadnt slept that well in ages, so guess it was comfortable! I did take a picture of it, but I cant download any at the moment, as Ive forgotten the lead, as I am now in the possession of a laptop thanks to Uncle Bob.

Woke this morning expecting lovely sunshine, but it has been overcast all day, and a tad windy, (weather & my arse)! We managed to get the awning down successfully, however, we seemed to have made the entire population of earwigs now homeless! They must of booked a 3 week holiday in our awning! That and lady birds, the odd spider, but this time no daddy long legs, reckon we did away with all of those last week!

So we are all packed up and ready for our next adventure to our new home, 5 miles down the road.

Nothing planned for tomorrow, "M" off to see her son in his new home, and I might get some work done, as I managed to bring back with me 2 boxes of books to list on good old ebay!

The freelander is packed well, not sure yet where China is going to sit, will sort that out Monday when I leave.

Didnt manage to get the mudflaps fitted, I bought some rally spec plastic flaps to stop mud and other horrible things flicking up on to the caravan, went over a dead rabbit last time I was towing, rabbit guts is not easy to clean off! We were wondering why China was licking the caravan, until I'd realised what had happened! Still on the lookout for some large self tapping screws, Focus didnt have any last time I looked. May have to try - yep you guessed - ebay!

My 13mm tent peg screw attachement for the cordless drill has arrived so looking forward to screwing in tent pegs thus making it easier on my old knees!

Remains of the curry tonight, as Julie did insist on doggie bags for all the left overs, not sure if my digestion system can cope, so lining it with cider as we speak, in the hope that it will neutralise things, or as I suspect make things even worse. Can see me sleeping in the awning tonight, which is a problem as its packed in the Fiat!

Seems strange not having the awning, we can look out and see things, its also lighter, so much more light comes in the van now.

Isnt it getting dark earlier! It was pitch black by 7.45pm. Dark mornings heading this way soon!

Being where we are, with no light polution at all, its brilliant on a clear night to look up and see all the stars. There always seem to be so many more stars when its this dark!

No real progress on Kev in hospital, no worse, but no real progress either, he had a scan today, they get the results tomorrow! Fingers crossed that all is well.

Will write again once settled in at our new home!

Till later.....

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