Saturday, 2 October 2010

Off Topic!

Noticed recently that Ive slightly gone off topic, so if you were reading this and looking for caravan advice you may be a tad disappointed!

However if you are looking for witty, amusing script, written with flare and a dynamic approach, then there is still time to search around and find another blog to read!

So Ill continue in the hope that you will hang on in there, and maybe, just maybe, I may write about something to do with caravans!

I was much amused today when scrolling through website to find that some very upstanding folk had actually recommended my blog to some poor unsuspecting soul who had the mad notion of living full time in their motor home! So thanks for that it was pretty cool to see!

If you are that poor soul, then my advice to you would be - Pack the house up as quick as you can and get in your van! There is no time to loose - a whole new life full of picking daddy long legs out of your cereal and earwigs from your shirt pockets awaits you!

Seriously though, if you get the chance, do it. We so far haven't come across anything that we cant get around, and no serious obstacles have got in our way.

Ill be compiling a report for Monday, on our new washing machine, and our game of conkers!

Have also bought off of ebay today, a 3 way pipe that will fit easily into our waste hog from the van outlet pipes, at the moment its 3 lengths of pipe into two different holes on the hog, its a bit like doing a battle with an octopus when emptying it, usually with a hose full of water ending up in my boot! And its always bits of rice that get stuck to you! So no more wet feet or rice for me!

Which reminds me - Ive bought a pair of boots to avoid getting campers toe! They are just so stylish, but forgot to take pictures of them - but will do, as you have just got to see these!! "M" has refused to be seen with me whilst wearing them, In my dressing gown and boots - well, what more can you say!

Haven't heard anything about Kev today, so we still work on the assumption that no news is good news!

So fingers crossed.

Till later.......

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