Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Wild & Windy! & What Vehicles We Have

The weather has taken a turn for the worse, plenty of rain and the awning is billowing a bit!

We were just saying that the site we are currently on is a bit quiet when two new arrivals turned up, not that it makes any difference to us, we cant see anyone where we are!

We have everything more or less planned upto and including New Years Eve! Christmas we are spending 7 nights in "M"s Mums, partners 1 acre garden, then on New Years Eve we are off to the Plough at Manston, with our good friend Mr Gulliver. Over the years we have spent many a New Years Eve night together, one of the most memorable ones was in Scotland where at one point after copious amounts of cider we both climbed onto the tables and dropped our trousers when they played "Flower of Scotland" Still to this day, not sure how we managed to walk out and not be carried out on a stretcher and into the back of a waiting ambulance! Do we look that scarey?

This year at the Plough, its an Oriental themed night, with a buffet at a cost of £30 - £35 per head, a tad steep? If it was £20 I might of been tempted, but the last thing you need is to spend that sort of money and in the morning not remember even eating it! The site is £12.00 including ehu so not too bad.

Ok, vehicles, we run two vehicles, a V reg 3 door Freelander, which does the job, but a little gutless, but, it goes well, and hasnt caused us too many problems. We took out a warranty with the AA, basically, it pays out the first £500 to cover any repairs. So far since we have had the freelander, we have used it twice, once as the head gasket went, which used up the £500 and a little extra, then the hydraulics went, so its been worth everypenny of the £30 we pay a month for it. If you have an older vehicle then bits are going to drop off, so this to us was a wise and sound investment.

The other vehicle is a Fiat 500 1.4 sport, I originally bought it as I was a driving instructor, its still got the dual controls fitted. But I havent taught now since last Christmas, its just not a viable business any more. I love the car though, it goes like a rocket, and holds the road amazingly well, however, over rough roads, your fillings get shook out, as its got a tight suspension set up and 16" low profile tyres. We are thinking of getting rid of it, as its no longer any good for what we want. When I first bought it, other 500 drivers used to wave at you, but now its getting more popular there is less waving, which is a bit of a shame! Not many sports out there though, most seem to go for the fuel efficient 1.0 or 1.2, all though we can still get 45mpg taking things easy.

We have been looking at double cab pickups, not sure which model to go for, I like the Mitsubushis, but the Isuzus are also good value for money. So we shall see what happens.

Well its home made meatballs with a rich and herby tomato sauce tonight, so Im off!!

Till later..........

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