Friday, 15 October 2010

A Walk Into Ringwood!

Took a stroll into Ringwood late this afternoon to meet "M" from work again, thought Id take the camera just in case!

First place I came across was the Ringwood Brewery, a number of good ales produced by this brewer. Had a major session on Ringwood 49er I think once.

A few years back we went to Rhinfield House Hotel in the New Forest for a friends 40th Birthday meal (Cheers Gully). Not being a great lover of wine, decided that the only thing worth drinking was ale, they had ringwood but only in bottle form. As the evening wore on, each time a waitress came near me I would ask for another, but it did get to the stage where the waitress ended up asking me if I was sure? what do you mean am I sure?, Well, Sir, was her reply, you have all ready drunk a case by yourself, so just checking! Then every bottle afterwards I was asked the same question! Then at breakfast I ordered coffee, and the same waitress asked if I was sure, to much merryment of those around me! It was a good night, rather expensive, and was hung over the next day, but if I wasnt I would of wanted my money back!

Home of Old Thumper
  Ringwood is a historic market town which still has a thriving market on a wednesday up through the main street (Market Place). It is here on West Street that that after the battle of Sedgemoor the Duke of Monmouth on his escape was given away in Horton and brought to this house, before he was sent to London and beheaded!

All though a severe punishment, I reckon they had things right in those days, I would like to see the stocks put back into place, so all those theiving scum bags that are caught can have rotten cabbages, and worse thrown at them!

A few pictures of West Street, and Market Place, also St Peters Church.
Market Place

West Street

St Peters Church
Walked down to the river Avon, two views, one that hasnt really changed for many, many years, the other of the dual carriageway, taken from the same bridge, but from either side!

They call this progress! Looks like it as well! I hope the bridge designer is proud of this!

Back at the van "M" cooking home made meatballs with a thick tomato sauce, with tagliatelle paglia e fieno no less! Nothing out of a jar or packet in this caravan! Its smelling very good, so time for the 2nd can of Blackthorn, part of my Government 5 a day! So perfectly acceptable and a healthy option, its made from apples isnt it!?

Kids if your reading this, if you dont want to end up portly like my good self, totally disregard anything I say and go google "disney"

We move tomorrow! Got to brave emptying the cassette tomorrow, oh I cant wait for that job. I reckon I should take some pictures for all you non cassette emptying campers and followers, so you can see what I have to contend with! Just be thankfull scratch and sniff isnt available yet!

On that note, till later............

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  1. Ah Doodle Bug Boll**ks! How I have missed your ramblings and catching up on life under tin (as opposed to canvas) and things Romany and Blighty related.
    Currently residing in Las Vegas where the incessant dinging of gaming machines is punctuated by big black dudes on garish coloured hogs hoolying around the car park! Anyway, hope to catch up soon for some suitable dangerous cider . . . . . If it goes clear throw it out as it’s off!
    Yours, Mr ‘erbert