Saturday, 30 October 2010

Office (Awning) Views!

Here I am sat at my desk (fold up table) looking out across the fields, not many folk are able to work like this so feeling a little bit lucky today.

Room With A View! (Office)

Yesterday I saw hen pheasents and horses, today, more pheasents and a herd of cattle!

"M" was at work this morning, and when she got back she headed for bed not feeling 100% which is where she still is. So Ive been left to my own devices, which has entailed more listing of books!

Weather wise a strange day with a mixture of lovely sunshine, then gales and showers! The trees are starting to turn their colours, the ones behind us our starting to look amazing with golden yellows and burnt reds. Must get some photos tomorrow.

Site still full, but havent heard a whisper or seen anyone, it is rather seculded pitches here!

Did you listen to Robert Plant on radio 2 last night? We did and was a bit disappointed with it, didnt really get rocking, a bit too mellow for me Im afraid!

We bought from ebay, a two cord "Minky" retractable 15m washing line, so will be putting it to the test tomorrow! It certainly looks the part! (pics to follow)

Well, off to do some work on the blog, adding to the links that is, so dont forget to have a look at them all.

Till later.

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