Monday, 4 October 2010

Wet & Windy! & I Am Talking About The Weather!

Wet & Windy!

Saturday night was by far the wettest and windiest so far! Everything survived well, with no damage to the awning. About a week ago I dug out the storm straps and put them on. The awning has an abundance of pegs using the rubber ladder system.

The only thing that came loose was at the centre of the awning, at the front there is a very short extension pole which has a little spike which the edge of the awning hooks over - well that unhooked itself.

No water came in, but the wind sure did make the van move!

Sunday saw more rain, and me trying out my new boots. Now as a portly sort of chap, finding boots with a large calf is always a problem, less cider would be the obvious answer but as thats medicinal and part of my 5 a day, im not giving that up! So the hunt was on for a pair of boots. Wellies Ive found to be uncomfortable, hiking boots just dont do it as I wanted a pair to slip on and off easily without laces. So I came across these:

For the man about town - That town being in Mongolia!
I gave them a good going over on Sunday, they are easy to put on and take off with a zip front and velcro top fastening, thick rubber sole, so no sharp stones can poke your feet, and they are fleeced lined, so perfect for wearing with no socks and your dressing gown when swapping over aqua-rolls!

However, as I found out when I took them for the "How deep can you go in water before they leak" test. The answer is upto the end of the rubberised bit! After that your in hot water, or in my case bloody cold water!

Overall, they are great for walking around the site, and walking China, so a good investment of £25.00 bought from the factory shop, not known for their durability of products, so we will see how they go! No more "campers toe" for me!

Rain Stopped Play - It was just to wet to go out and play conkers on Sunday. The van and awning, although large is not the ideal venue for a conker tournament! So they have now found their way to cupboards, window sills and various other places where Im sure I will tread on one in the night, to try and put off spiders!

Washing Machine

We assembled the washing machine, not alot to assemble, just plonk it on the table, fill with hot water, a bit of liquid washing powder and away you go, 15 mins later, 1 washed fleece 3 pairs of socks and some boxers! Done. Rinsed three times, put in the spinner, which I must say works extremely well, and hey presto. So for shirts and socks, its great, and we will be using it as its easy to use, and no great hassle. We reckon it will cut things down from two loads per week at the laundrette to one every 10 days. Laundrette for sheets, towels, jeans etc. All the little stuff straight in the machine!

Washing Machine Set Up
The aqua-roll shown is our old waste one! We dont use it for drinking! Glad we kept it as it has now come in very handy!

Its not heavy on power either running only 3 amps. £62.99 from ebay - bargain! Wont take us long to get our money back on it either.

Sat out in the awning on Saturday evening and had a few drinks, china feels the cold, and this isnt us being sissy, she really does, so had to wrap her in her blanket!

I want to go where the weather suits my fur!
China sat on here very own Cider Stool!
Our friends Sharron and Thomas popped in on their way back down to Cornwall, after spending their weekend up in the area. Quick cup of tea and a catch up, good to see you both!

Then we headed over to Southampton Hospital to see Kev. It knocked the stuffing out of "M" seeing him like that. Not a great deal of change, the pressure on his brain has almost stabilised and his eyes do react to light, which apparently is a very good sign. Along way to go yet!

Walking into Southampton Hospital is like walking into a shopping mall! I can understand, Smiths and card shops being there, and to a point a jewellers, if you want to cheer someone up, but a clothes shop? Heres a new jumper ive just bought you, you cant wear it as your in hospital, but here you are anyway?! Oh and its either a Macdonalds or Burger King in there as well! How did the hospital trust decide that was a good idea? Its known that both these retailers have in the past contributed to the decline in peoples diet, and here they have set up shop under their noses! Next they will be opening a pub with a smoking room!

This isnt me being getting on my high horse, as I drink and eat rubbish (sometimes) (non smoker)! but what sort of an example is it to have fast food outlet such as these in a hospitals!

As I keep saying, the world is going mad! And to cap it all they charged £1.90 for an hour to park! What a bloody cheek!

We finally managed to get our sites booked up, we will be leaving our present location on the 10th October after a 3 week stay, heading over to a site just outside of Ringwood, £6.50pn including awning, dog and ehu! Bargain! Thats for 5 nights. Then back here again for a whopper of a 28 night stay, our longest yet in any one place!

Back to the tapping of keys again this week, so no let up for me, "M" busy at her work. So its all go.

One last thing, have started to add a few caravan/camping related links over on the right there, so take a look when you get a chance!!!

Till later.......

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  1. Loving the washing machine, brilliant to see you both on Sunday, although we didn't get to have a game of conkers :-(
    I was always rubbish anyway
    Take care, see you all soon xxx