Saturday, 16 October 2010

10th Move! Legs Up - Off We Go Again!

This is our 10th move today, and we have just hit the milestone of the 50th consecutive night under tin!

So time for reflection, so far, nothing untoward has happened, we havent been swept away, or frozen, starved or attacked by wolves! The only problem we have had is putting up the awning, but that is due to operator error, and not really the fault of the awning.

Its been fairly dry, so far, not alot of rain to get wet in whilst waiting for the aqua rolls to fill, or emptying the cassette, which is by far the most unpleasent job I have to do, but after spending a number of years serving Her Majesty and working in some very unpleasant conditions, this put into context is childs play!

Living out in the country with no light polution is a joy on a clear night, the peace and quiet is amazing and very calming. Ive found it personally a calmer way of living, even with the travelling.

Looking out across fields, and feeling part of the environment is wonderful.

So after 50+ nights have we made the right choice? YES, so far so good. Of course winter has not set in yet, but we have an amazing heater on board, plenty of room (with the awning) and most of all we have a positive attitude which will get us through when and if the going gets tougher.

A quick hello goes out to Herbie who is currently working hard in Las Vegas! But found time to leave us a comment! That means we have now gone officially International! Herbie used to be our neighbour in Shaston!
Well better get on - got to get everything stowed away, and the dog walked! Will write more once settled in this evening!

Legs up!

But first, the news: The House of Commons was sealed off today after police chased an escaped lunatic through the front door during Prime Minister's question time. A spokesman at Scotland Yard said it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

I liked that one, nicked from the two ronnies, one of my all time favourite shows.

Legs Down!

Settled in, back in our old spot that we left just 6 days ago! Got the awning up in record time, and both cars emptied out, we dont half carry some gear about with us. The awning is now set up with tumble dryer, airers, washing machine, coat rack, shelving unit, and rugs laid on the floor.

Also getting a good broadband signal, so very happy!

Just about to take some pictures of books, ready to add to turbo lister, then uploaded to ebay. Should have just over 30 books going up tomorrow, then flat out mon and tues, to try and get another 60 up before weds!

Just before I left the last site, which I must say was a very good site indeed, it was called Upper Kingston Farm just out-side of Ringwood, a little 5 pitch site. Highly recommended, but Im afraid its closed between Nov and March as the field apparently gets rather wet during the winter. Will be looking forward to going back there in the new year! Sorry I went off on a tangent! I was saying just before I left I took a picture of the caravan hooked up, and measured it, 12 metres long which is approx 36 feet in old money! Thats long! Put that into context, an articulated lorry trailer is 40 foot long!

Now thats what I call a long one!
  Finally, last nights sunset was rather good!

Till later...... 

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  1. I'm thoroughly enjoying this blog i come on here every day to read it , thanks ,

    ive even suggested to my husband we move into a caravan , he just laughed lol x