Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Emptying The Loo - STOP Eating Now!

Well, I thought it about time I showed you the worst thing about living in a caravan!

So if your eating anything such as chocolate, fudge or choco ice cream - look away now - No, its ok, really, not a single Jobbie in sight, so you will be ok!

Loads of pictures, and a step by step guide, due to the fact that not all campers have a cassette toilet, and those non campers may not have a clue about what we are talking about, especially if you remember the C90's that played music and so wondering how you go about using one of those to have a mooter!

OK, the first picture is of the door, which is lockable, I guess as the cassettes are expensive to replace, either that or there are some turd burglers around! Havent met any yet, no, tell a lie - but thats another story!

This is a cassette, where all your No1's and No2's end up, it slots in and is held in place with a locking mechanism. Its also high tech as when it gets full a light comes on up in the toilet!

Below is the charriot, which is a very handy bit of kit, firstly when the cassette is full, you are probably looking at 20Kg of sloshing sludge, and kept at arms length, you would need to be a Female Chinese Weightlifter on steriods to carry that upto the pit! The charriot was bought from ebay (where else) for £18.00 delivered - Bargain!

Below - The cassette, and the little sliding cover, which I dropped down the pit at Christchurch camp site, now I always take it off, as you dont want to be doing that too often!

Here we have a raised, CDP, Chemical Disposal Point! The raised ones are the best as you dont have to bend down as much, ie, get close to it! Also this has a little hatch that it all slides down, rather than just a drain cover and a long drop. With this type you dont get so much splash back, which is something you really dont want to happen. As a precaution I always keep my mouth closed! (you may gagg at this point)! I like the roof tile which is used as a lid! I always use a twig to lift it off, dont fancy holding the rope!

Once the nozzel has been swivelled out, your ready to go! It normally takes at least 3 goes/rinses to get the lot out, depending on whats inside, and of course how much!

Once your back at the van, its time to add the blue liquid, we buy ours from ebay from caravan essentials, I forget the price, but its cheap, its good, and it smells of bubble gum. What this stuff is supposed to do is break down everything to make it easier to come out of the nozzle, and at the same time, break down any bacteria. I go by the glug method of filling, a few glugs of this stuff does the trick.

Slot it back in, and your ready to go - literally!

Then, a quick top up of the top tank, this is where your flush comes from, we also add some pink liquid to it, its a disinfectant and makes everything smell nice, it holds around 5 litres in the tank.

And there you have it! Wasnt that fun!

"M" is away tonight, up in Warwick staying at a reputedly haunted hotel! She is up there on a course. So Im home alone tonight, cant get upto alot of mischief, got to drive to Shaston in the morning, so no boozy night for me.

China dog, decided that today was the day when she would learn how to dig! Her paws looked liked two paddles, totally clogged up with mud!
OK, Ive been digging this hole, its over there, you should see it!
Ill just go and jump on the bed now if thats OK?

Yep, thats my hole!
This evening, a collection of "Giles" cartoon books are up for sale starting at 2100 hrs, dating back to the mid 1960's upto the mid 1980's. So if your a "Giles" fan take a look by clicking on my ebay link over on the right, and you should find them, feel free to make me an offer!

Came across these this morning, edible?? I know what a field mushroom looks like, and also chicken of the wood, but this escapes me, and as Im out in the middle of no where, there is no way Im taking a chance! They look good though!

Back to Shaston tomorrow, 2 days of work, so it will be an early night for me I reckon, Hot Chocolate and my book - Rock n Roll!

Till later.....

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