Monday, 11 October 2010

Legs up - Legs Down!

Its been move day today!  LEGS UP! left our last site after a 3 week stay, and drove 15 mins down the road to our new site for the next 5 nights.
Its been a great 3 weeks, such a lovely site, looking forward to going back there again allready! For a monster of a 28 night stay!

On to the new site - No dramas driving down but a bit tight getting in, but it opened up into a grassy paddock, with just two other vans on site. LEGS DOWN!

A view across open fields to the front and a tractor graveyard behind us! Not kidding I think there are 8 tractors in various states of decline, I will take some pictures as they look rather good in their sorry state. Just come across a pile of old wood with an old upright piano on it!
One of the barns is in such a state the only thing keeping it up I reckon is the moss!

Pictures will follow (forgot the lead didnt I)!

Met the site owners, and they let me get on and settle in.

Hooked up, filled the aqua rolls, kettle on! Its going like clock work now! Will have to do some research and see what the stats are for moving!

A good broadband signal as well, so can crack on with some work, once Ive mooched about it and got things sorted.

We used up our second bottle of 6kg propane last night, it lasted 24 days, a couple days longer than last time. So guess anything after 21 days is a bonus. Will be searching around locally to see if I can get it any cheaper than £19.00.

The weather couldnt be better, lovely blue sky, and a breeze. We have a sunroof on this caravan and its wide open. Fly screens in use, as there seems to be an abundance of flies where ever we go.

Ive found the elsan point, not the prettiest but functional and it has a water point next to it, well away from the fresh water. I just hate sites where the fresh is near the waste. This according to both the big clubs shouldnt happen, but it does, so really not sure how they get away with it!

"M" working today, lets hope she remembers to come to the new site on her way home, and not drive back to the old one on autopilot!

I didnt bother to take the clothes out of the wardrobes this time, just to see if it made any difference, I didnt notice any, so I will leave them in from now on. We did manage to get up to 50mph on a very short stretch of dual carriageway as well. We were buffetted as a large lorry went by, but that would of happened anyway.

So all in all an easy move, which could of been done in half the time, but as I was in no rush, and I didnt want to get to the new site before 12, it all worked out perfectly.

Took China out for a walk around the lanes this afternoon, being the under active dog that she is hasnt moved since we got back. Managed to crack on and gets loads of books part listed, so really happy with progress made.

Roast pork this evening! Cant wait, feel a couple of ciders coming on!!!!

Till later..........

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