Friday, 1 October 2010

So What If Its Raining - Its A FANTASTIC Day To Be Alive!!!!!!

Took a call from "M" yesterday, by the way, her eye is getting better but not completely sorted out, at least she has stopped wearing Jackie Onassis sunglases!

She was a little upset as a friend of hers, Kev had been involved in a horrible accident where by the garage door they were removing, the spring loaded arm section had violently hit him on the head, resulting in a major trauma wound. He is now in intensive care after undergoing surgery to remove bone splinters from his brain! It hit him with such force they were removing fragments of bone from 2" inside his brain! And as no news is good news, we are awaiting to here more news, but things are not looking to bright. They say if he does make it through the weekend he will be left with brain damage!

So if anyone says its a miserable day, well, not half as miserable as it is for his Mrs !

Lets be thankfull that when we wake up in the morning, even if it is lashing down with rain, the wind howling, we still have our health and we are not wired upto a machine!

We take all this breathing in and out a bit too much for granted, Ive always been a positive sort of person, but this brings it home as to how much of a tight rope we walk every single day!

Make the most of what you have, as you never know when it aint going to be there!

The weekend is almost here -  What are you going to do? What ever you do dont waste a single  second of it, even if it is raining!

Join me next time where I will be stood on my wooden box preaching to the unwashed from a park near you!



To lighten the mood a little - When was the last time you played conkers?

Apparently there is a shortage of conkers this year, due to some sort of disease thats stopping the conkers growing!

Ive got one in front of me - looks ok, I remember putting them into the airing cupboard as a kid to harden them up. Mum was still finding them years later! Wasnt putting them in vinegar supposed to do something as well?

Not that kids are allowed to play conkers at school anymore, whats all that about? Its a childrens national sport! Or should be, along with british bulldog, bet thats banned as well!

How do they decide that its dangerous? They wont be allowed to ride bikes next, but its ok to put them infront of an xbox or ps3 and let them shoot or blow up aliens/people or go on the rampage, rape and pilage! The only dangerous thing about conkers is making sure that the meat skewer used to make the whole makes the hole in the conker and not your finger! Or your Mums work top! Technology moving on I will be using my cordless drill this time!

Going to try and collect a few tomorrow, as we have friends coming over on Sunday, and I feel a game of conkers coming on!

Ive also heard that they are supposed to keep spiders away? Is than an old wives tale?

I wish ours looked as friendly as this!

Shall be putting a few around the van, as we have had a few in for tea recently. All the daddy long legs have packed up and moved out! Only a couple last night, all though the awning floor does look a bit of a graveyard!

The portable washing machine has turned up, so will be playing with that over the weekend.

Conkers and playing with a washing machine - rock n roll! Living life in the fast lane!

Well nearly time to be going home, have fitted an outboard motor to the back of the freelander, and will be floating off any second now!

Till later.......

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  1. You guys are like Rockstars on the road- so cool!
    Mr Monkey