Thursday, 7 October 2010

Wingreen Hill

Wingreen hill has a special place in my heart as its where I learnt to ride my bike without stablilisers! Not sure if it was the gentle grassy slopes or the fact that if I fell off the sharp flint sticking out of the path was sure to cut me to ribbons made me learn all the quicker.

Anyway, the last few mornings, Ive been taking a stroll around as its on my way into Shaston, and feel that as Im passing, and China is with me, it would do us both good and to be honest the views are breathtaking!

Yesterday it poured down with rain, and we got a bit damp to say the least, but today, all though colder it was sunny.

Plenty of pheasants and partridges, all commercially bred and released ready for the shooting season.

A couple of pictures for you all.
Shaston to the far left - unseen. Mist in valleys!
Sun rising behind the trees at Wingreen Hill
Looking East
Sunday Lunch! Wheres that horseradish!
Will have to start to think about packing up this weekend! Off on our travels on Monday morning, "M" is at work so it will be me rolling up, out, and setting back up all on my own!

At least I wont have to travel far, probably no more than 5 miles max, so not a long journey, just the far side of Ringwood, towards the New Forest. Its a working farm site. It will add another 10mins onto my journey into Shaston, but I quite enjoy the drive so no problems.

The leaves have started to turn, the horse chestnut trees are in an advance state. Wont be long now till we have our first frost. I read a couple of days ago that they have predicted a very severe winter with temperatures down to -20 and plenty of snow!  Ive done -15, cold enough that if you touch metal with your bare hand it sticks to it, its not good! But its a challenge, and am looking forward to it! (weirdo)!

No news from the hospital, things much the same. Its a fine line between bringing him out of his induced coma and stabilising the swelling of the brain, its a long slow process.

"M"s eye has returned to normal - the glasses are off!

The cows in the field next to us didnt make alot of noise last night, all though "M" said she heard them, me, I was out like a light, would of taken a herd in the awning to wake me up! Im certainly sleeping alot better since we started this lark!

In Shaston all day today, managed to get here with out forgetting anything, so things are going well!

Tapping keys all day, so best get on.

Till later..........

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  1. Hope your friend is ok, fingers crossed for him.