Thursday, 14 October 2010

Picture Catch Up!

Ive found the camera lead, so a load of pictures from over the last few days!

We we wondering why China was sniffing around in one place in the awning, next day we found this little chap!
Ugly little fella - Toad or Frog?
Our friend Julie came down to stay the night, it was the first time that we had pulled out the front bed! It was massive!
Big Bed For A Little Dog!
When we moved and took down the awning I had to fit the tumble dryer and the washing machine into the back of the Freelander, it fitted perfectly, almost as if it was made for it. Do you think Land Rover will take up the design feature and call it the Wash It All Rover?

Wash It All Rover!
No real change on Kev, stable is all they are saying, so not sure if thats good or bad! Long process. His wife Justine did supply us with some home made Raspberry Jam, and I must say it is amazing!
I like a bit of toast with my jam!
The site that we are currently on is a grave-yard for old tractors, all though some of the tractors Ive actually seen being driven!
Going No Where!

Oh Ive Got A Brand New Combine Harvester And Ill Give You The Key! Reply - Keep it!

Going Underground

This one actually works and Ive seen it on the road!

Gone To Seed!

Road Worthy!
A motley collection of Tractors! I thought they were all scrappers with maybe the one above being moveable, the one I saw going, did pump out copious amounts of white fumes and the exhaust had to put back on with the use of a large hammer! As on starting it up it blew it off!

China Dog - Enjoying The Last Of The Summer Sun!

Is this the last of the summer sunsets?

Well, thats the last of the pictures for now, we move again on Saturday, back to where we have just come from - thats another week gone and tonight (Thursday) is our 50th consecutive night!

Time sure does fly when your having fun!

Till later.........


  1. They look like the tractors I get stuck behind when driving round Lands End!!!

    Glad you are both well, big hugs xxx

  2. Your Ugley Little Fella is a toad, see the warty skin. At this time of year it is just looking for a place to spend the winter undisturbed - so are we all ! If you find another one just scoop it up and put it in the leaf litter under the trees. No you can't catch warts from it !

  3. Love the photos of the tractor graveyard - just my kind of place!