Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Last Day Of Summer?

So was that it? Its been a lovely sunny day, but on our 3 mile walk into Ringwood today, when you got in the shade in was a wee bit nippy!

Watched the sun set again tonight, last night was better for colours. I wonder if this is the last we will see for a while.

Emptied the cassette out today, a bit of a wiffy emptying point to say the least! It was a soak away type which wasnt soaking away!

Everything else about the site is great, I always think that a site should be judged on three things only, the CDP, the water point and the rubbish bins. Some sites go out of their way to make things good, whilst others seem to fail miserably. I really do think that both the big clubs should pull their fingers out and inspect sites more often. Ill do it if they want! For a small fee of course!

Walked 3 miles into Ringwood today, all on lanes and pavements, China enjoyed the walk, all though, "M" only told me it was 2 miles as she thought that if I knew it was 3 I wouldnt walk it. Went in to meet "M" from work, so got a lift back.

Finally got the printer software to work after down loading it from Hewlett Packard, so have now got full office facilities in the caravan.

Off back to Shaston tomorrow, have a load of books which require posting out to their new owners, so that has to be done, and then to do some listing!

We think we have got Christmas sussed out as well, we are off to "M"s Mums partners house, which is in Woodgreen, just outside of Salisbury, we think we will probably be there for a week. We have said that we would pay £4.00 pn so that we dont feel guilty about using the electric heating! Still works out cheap though so not complaining.

New Year we are planning on staying at a pub we know that does camping, they do great food and will probably have a band on New Years Eve, they arent cheap to stay at, their normal price is £15.00pn and thats just for ehu, no showers etc, not that we need them. But a bit steep considering they have a captive audience, we will be spending money on their food and drink! They also do some rather special cider, which is so easy to drink, Ill have to be carefull or wont see midnight, in fact too much of it and you wont see 8.30pm!

Cant believe that its Weds tomorrow all ready! We leave here on Sat! I really dont know where the time goes, with this being our 48th night spent under a tin roof!

Pork curry tonight - oh yes! So off to enjoy!

Till later...........

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