Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Can You Keep a Secret?

Can You Keep a Secret?

Dr Heckle came across this the other day, found it rather amusing - Ok I realise its now a tourist attraction but still made me chuckle!

Check out his blog, he does have some good stuff on there!

We have some how managed to loose the key for the Fiat 500! We have searched high and low, its not as if we have a rambling mansion to go through! Luckily we have the spare, but its not really the point, and its an old fashion one where you have to actually put it into the lock to open the door instead of pressing a button!

And of course I was the last to have it, so its me whos lost it! I think Ive been loosing the plot a bit recently, it normally takes me two attempts to leave the caravan, as I always have to go back as I forgot something, this morning it was 3 goes! 1) left awning light on, 2) left dog lead behind and do you believe it, I cant remember the bloody third! Thats how bad its getting!

Is this a sign of things to come, when you cant remember what youve done or where you have been, well, it would make for a cheap day out as you could go to the same place all the time, and you would never get bored of baked beans on toast! And Im only 43 or is that 44 - see what I mean!

Dementia is a serious problem in this country, and by all accounts its going to get worse! But what does surprise me is that other countries dont seem to be as bad as we are! How does that work?

As you can see Ive added a few links to the right, I have all ready been contacted by they guys and girls at http://caravan-window-stay.co.uk/ who have put in the post to me some window locks/catches! How cool is that.  A massive thankyou to them, and will let you know how I get on with them. So just to make sure you got that link correct its http://caravan-window-stay.co.uk/ the place to go for all your replacement window parts! Go click and tell them who told you to go there!!

Ive also put a link on for Lunar Caravans and a few motor mover companies - (I should be so lucky)!!!!!!!!

Well thats another day done, finally got the car taxed today, that was a nightmare! Sent off the log book for the change of address, took ages for it to be returned, arrived today! tax reminders are somewhere between old address and new address! So without the log book or reminders as you need the reference number you cant tax your vehicle!

Phoned Swansea, and they were as much use as a sponge cake at slimming world, they just said that we had to wait for the log book to come back! Good job I didnt get stopped, as Im sure that Officer Dibble wouldnt of been impressed with my excuse. So cheers DVLC or DVLA or what ever you call yourselves for making me sweat over the last couple of days! As its all computerised these days, I really would like to know what the hold up was!?

New waste pipe adaptor thingamejigger has arrived to day, no more fighting with an octopus!

Till later........

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