Friday, 22 October 2010

Survived the cold snap!

Thursday morning registered -5 on the car thermometer! Its a bit early in the year for these types of temperatures! Nothing froze up, so no probs as a result of the drop in temperature.

Spent the day in Shaston, then back to the van, I havent got to go any where till next weds, brought back plenty of books to sort and list!

Friday - Its been lovely and sunny for most of the day, but gets nippy when the sun goes behind a cloud.

We also had an influx of ladybirds! I stopped counting when I got to 30! Where did they all come from? It was like sitting in a zoo vivarium! Also some back to front ladybirds, that are black with red spots, whats all that about?

Nothing planned for the weekend, Im going to attempt to clean out the Landrover as its a bit of a tip, other than that and listing books, nothing happening.

We recieved in the post the new brochure from Lunar, we have our eye on the new Lunar Delta TI - but the thing we noticed was all though amazing layout, bits and bobs etc, why do they use such light coloured material! Your on a campsite, with wet grass, mud, etc. Not to mention kids and dogs, and there they go with light brown/cream covers! Perhaps we are just not posh enough to own one. Maybe Lunar owners only camp in the dry, and on hard standing, hooked up to full service pitches, with maid and butler services!? Shame they cant design or use a colour for us normal people who do get muddy when refilling the aqua rolls and have dogs!

Only thing we need to do is try and sort out New Years Eve! We have a loose plan, its just trying to get all the pieces and people together, (Herbie/Jo/Gully)!?

News on Kev, he is with it and talking, but at this stage not is sure if its the drugs or something worse, as he has moments of aggression, and has even tried to get out of bed! Out of intensive care, but in a high dependency ward, so thats progress. Long way still to go....

Well, wont rattle on for the sake of it.

Till later.......

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  1. Thank you for your comments on my blog they have really helped me :o)

    I've posted on UKCS about it and one or two people have replied, I was thinking I may even approach our very local caravan dealer and ask if I could make a set of slip on covers for one of the older vans they have some of the upholstery on those are awful and I'm sure some people just don't have the imagination to see what they could be like with just a little tlc, I suppose it's a bit like houses and seeing past the current decor!

    Glad Kev is doing much better.

    All the best, Andi