Friday, 29 October 2010

Booked up till Jan 2nd 2011!

Well thats us booked up until Jan 2nd 2011 - A bit organised for us! After our 28 maxed out days here we are off back down to the otherside of Ringwood for 3 weeks, then back here until just before Christmas. Christmas week at inlaws, then over to Manston and the plough for New Years eve, then, well we can worry about that later....

Been busy back at Shaston the last few days, and next week even busier, as we are getting the Christmas listings ready, so back up there 4 days next week!

The camp site here is full! 5 units, thats the first time Ive seen it full in ages! Shame they didnt bring decent weather with them, its raining at the moment, all though the wind has died down a bit.

Sat here in my office (awning) this morning looking out across the fields, 4 hen pheasents walked by, I could of lent out and caught one, if I had been quick enough!

I like the joke about them, "A rather rich gentleman climbs out of his range rover, walks in a country pub, orders his drink, gulps it down and says "I needed that, just hit a peasant", the barman says dont you mean a pheasent, "No" he says, "he was riding a bicycle"!

Then a little later on 8 shetland ponies got out of their field and were walking around the caravan! Eventually rounded up by their owners and herded back to their field. Stubborn little things!

Other than that, and tapping keys all day, a quiet day! China dog has been sleeping, as the last two days she has been with me back at Shaston and is far to nosey to sleep!

Dont forget the clocks go back this weekend! Not looking forward to the dark evenings, grim!

No plans for the weekend, "M" is working in the morning (Saturday), so ill be tapping keys no doubt!

Everything is OK with the van, awning doing what it should do, so all in all, we are happy campers!

Heard today, that gas prices are going up by 9.5%, not good for the bricks and mortar brigade, thankfully, that does not include us anymore! (hee hee) Im sure the bottles will go up, but as we dont use that much it wont make a great deal of difference.

Robert Plant in concert on Radio 2 tonight, so cider will be flowing! Should be a good gig!

Walked past our old house yesterday, new people in their now, it felt a little strange, I wonder if they will play their music as loud as we used to! Doubt it! We had some good parties at the house, our last major party was last News Years Eve, lots of people, lots of drink, tons of food, and raspberry merrangue nests smonged all up the walls!

Anyway, enough from me, have a good weekend folks.

Till later..........

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