Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Woke this morning to a four legged hotwater bottle in the small of my back, as "M" was living it up in a hotel in Warwick, I let China dog sleep on the bed!

Looked out, even though it was dark, you could just see the sun rising, I could see the sky was clear. What I hadnt bargained for was the frost. The rear door of the Freelander had frozen shut, and the left hand window wouldnt go down!

No probs Ive got a tin of de-icer that Ive been carting around since last summer in the door pocket, bloody empty! So out with the scrapper, old fashion style, heater on full blast and it soon thawed out. I once new a Major, whilst in Germany, who decided to clear his windscreen by chipping it off with a hammer! Yep, cracked screen! I was supposed to look up to this guy, for leadership, and guidance! Nope, I would of had him bound, gagged and locked in the back of a Landrover for his own protection if anything kicked off!

Anyway, a lovely fresh start to the day, a quick walk around the top of Wingreen - Bracing to say the least. Took a couple of photographs.

Sunrise looking towards Isle of Wight

Looking towards Shaston

Directional Stone
Spent the day the day tapping keys, and on the way home, as I drove up the track to the campsite, spotted the Deer in the field next to me. It stopped and looked at me whilst I got the shot, had a nibble and bounded off!
A good clean shot here, shame it wasnt double barrelled! Sunday lunch would of been special!
Other wildlife that we have seen so far, has been another deer, a heron, bats, grey squirrels, mole hills and I saw a black cat last night! We have also heard screeching owls, well, we hope its a screeching owl, if it isnt I dont want to know what it is! (just got up and locked the door)!

I did come across another furry object whilst out walking China, tucked in the hedge looked like a dead badger, it was small, but as it was wet the fur didnt look right, it didnt look matted or anything like that, so I got a stick, and being the brave person that I am poked it. It didnt move, so a better poke resulted in turning it over to reveal a cuddly bear!
Little fella, hiding in the woods!
BIG NEWS Kev is making really good progress, he is responding well to questions, and squeezing hands, his eyes follow you around, and he returned Justines kiss as best as he could! So still along way to go, but we are heading down the right road!

"M" had a few scares in her haunted hotel last night, she said she heard planks of wood being moved at 3.30am this morning, and when she got hot in the night and threw the covers off, she said she heard a mmm, mmmmmm come from the bathroom. She pulled the covers back over quickly. Must of been a ghostly builder! Had a few strange noises in the van myself last night, but I put that down to the lentil soup I had for lunch!

On that note - possibly a B flat Ill leave things for now

Till later.......

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