Sunday, 10 October 2010

Indian Summer It Is Then!

The day started off overcast and dull, but since around lunchtime its been lovely and sunny! So the weather men did get it right, just a day late!

"M" has gone off to see her kids for the day, and Ive been listing books, ready for a hopefully big sale towards the end of the week! Could certainly do with the money at the moment!

Its great having the laptop here, and being able to sit in comfort and tap keys, also seemed to wizz through the first bundle of books as well.

The dongle does however seem to drop out alot, back at Shaston, it might of done this once or twice a day, but here it seems to do it every ten mins or so, which is a tad annoying, but, we are on the edge of civilisation, so shouldnt really be a surprise that the signal is poor.

We are all packed up, cars loaded, just need to make sure that everything is secure tomorrow and we will be off. Looking forward to sussing out our new site. Only 6 days and we are back here again! The new site is supposed to close for the winter, according to the book, but it also says there is no ehu, but the site owner says there is. So will find out the true story when we arrive.

Have also signed up to twitter - our name there is caravanliving so far we have a few followers, but will try and tweet (sounds weird saying that) on a regular basis, as with the blogging we tend to write things down that we remember, but tweeting is instant, and as my memory is shocking, im sure I forget half the things that happen to us! So Tweeting seems a good idea.

Does anyone else tweet?

Now that we have the laptop, not due to go back to Shaston till Weds when I will be at Bob's tapping keys. Should make a big difference to our fuel consumption. It also means that I dont loose an hour a day travelling! More time to blog and tweet, and of course work hard!

Talking of work, better get some done..

Till later.........

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  1. Just started tweeting myself! will go off to find yours now.