Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Pancakes In A Caravan - Now Thats A Challenge!

Pancake day today! A time for using all your leftovers up, thankfully with a small fridge there doesnt tend to be alot of leftovers at any time!

We cooked some chicken using the BBQ element on the cadac this evening, "M" did a wonderful salad with olives and pickled bell peppers stuffed with soft cheese! Very tasty.

Then the pancakes. Now, under normal circumstances you tend to have a bit of headroom to be able to flip your pancakes successfully. However, in a caravan with the roof being some what lower this does pose a problem. Mind you "M" is not much taller than a hobbit so no accidents. I did think that there was always the option of standing under the sun roof and flipping them up through that!

Spent the afternoon in Bournemouth, and then back at the caravan where I carried on working till late this evening!

Tomorrow Im back in Bournemouth again for around 1200 hrs. It just seems there is always so much to do!

We still havent decided when we are leaving here, thankfully the site owners are flexible and dont mind what we decide which is great. We are intending to do a very short stay somewhere close then move back here again. Whilst we are away we will get chance to try out our new porch awning!

Ive also got to get on and sort out the show applications, time seems to be flying! We are in March all ready. I printed them off in January!

We will be shortly coming up to our 200th consecutive night in the caravan! Another milestone under our belts! Sounds alot doesnt it? 200 nights!

Im glad though that we started our adventure the time of year that we did. Personally I wouldnt be keen on spending a spring and summer in the van, getting used to easy/warm conditions then having the shock of winter. At least we more or less went into winter, and now have the summer to look forward to!

The BBQ season for us has all ready started, and long may it continue!

Just remembered I still havent sorted out tyres for the trailer either! My to do list is getting longer and longer!

Well, time is dragging on and "M" is up early tomorrow, has to open up the shop at 7.30am! A bit on the early side for me, but its amazing how much more I get done by getting up that little bit earlier!

So till later..............


  1. Great blog.

    I'm planning on doing exactly the same with the same rationale so this is really helpful.

    It would be great to be able to communicate directly with you guys to get some practical advice from your own experience.

    my email is scaljz@essex.ac.uk

    it would be great to hear from you.

    best, Jon

  2. Hi Jon

    Our contact details are on the right around halfway down, but please feel free to email us at bakers_cottage@btinternet.com Dont forget there is no such thing as a daft question so feel free to ask us anything you like!