Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Airwick Airfreshner Trauma!

Yesterday "M" brought home this all singing and dancing airfreshner, its an Airwick Freshmatic Just as well as we had mackerel for tea and to say that the caravan was smelling a bit fishy this morning was an understatement.

Now, this air freshner can be set to do two things, either give a blast every 30 minutes or everytime you go by, it as it has a sensor that picks up when you move and gives a blast.

Sounds good doesnt it? Well, in a house where its up on a shelf or somewhere else and not right under your nose Im sure they are fine.

I tried it with the movement setting, but I now smell of wild jasmine! each time I went by it, it got me.  It was a bit like Inspector Cleuseu and kato, the air freshner being kato! In a house you could walk around or at least out of its reach, but in the caravan there is no escape! As Im not exactly built for limbo that was out as well!

Then I switched it over to the once every 30 minutes mode. Great, but every 30 minutes it makes me jump as Ive either been unable to work out what the hell the noise was, or, thought we had a gas leak!

So every 30 minutes today Ive jumped a mile, but thats not the worst of it!

Its up next to the sink, where this morning I was chopping up my bannana to have on my weetabix (hows that for healthy) when the 30 minute blast got my bannana fair and square as I was chopping it into my bowl! Wild Jasmin flavoured bannana is not good, and it was the last one so had to have it! So I naturally turned it away, (not thinking) as I wouldnt be still standing there in 30 minutes time. But, then 30 minutes later I get a blast, yep into my left ear as I was sat next to it!

I would never of thought that a harmless air freshner could cause me so much hassle!

Its not smelling so fishy in here now so it may have to reside in the awning! Its been a lovely day so Ive had the sunroof open, all though at the time of writing this 1705hrs its starting to get a bit nippy so will be shutting it shortly!

"M" due home any minute which will be great, as we have run out of milk and Im gasping for a brew!

Till later............


  1. I wonder how many people had tears running down their checks like me. Keep up the good work

  2. The air freshner trauma continues!

    Its now getting personal, its got a mind of its own and has decided it doesnt like me!